Toupee headlines

We have all seen them for quite some time now. Headlines that are algorithm based, based on recipes for how to CATCH ATTENTION.

One does not even need examples. Here is just one typical one:

How To Write Headlines That Drive Traffic, Shares and SEO

I am sure somebody has come up with an app that turns your lame — OR great but not SEO-friendly — headline into one that Drives Traffic, Shares and SEO.

However, we all notice the trick and I personally get cold right away. suspecting that the article was partly or wholly written by a robot.

Will I read it? Probably not. It’s just too damned obvious that the writer, man or machine, just wants to Drive Traffic, Shares and SEO. No subtlety, no refinement, no finesse.

Once upon a time, and that door is still open, writing a good headline was an art, not a science. I try to practice the art but realize that then I need to turn my back on the Modern God, I mean idol, SEO.

However, I also derive pleasure from knowing that my hair is my own and that I am not wearing a toupee that is obvious to most everybody.

Trying Hard to Drive Traffic, Shares and SEO