A dog person = a morning person

All of these years, I have struggled to be a morning person. And then I got a dog.

Even on a weekend, I manage to wake up (more like “to be awoken”, truth be told) before four digits appear on the clock. Quite remarkable, given my penchant for late nights and late mornings.

And while I have always heard how productive morning people feel, I have never experienced it myself. That is until this weekend!

We woke up at 8AM and promptly fed the puppy before we went through our morning grooming routines. We took the dog to the park, let him play, and we went home to have our own breakfast. We did some laundry, we did some tidying up, and did an inventory check and drew up our shopping list. All of this by 10:30AM, when we left for our shopping trip. By the time we finished our shopping, it was still only 12:30PM!

Obviously this is not the most productive we’ve ever been, but it is a different feeling to getting a whole whack of stuff done at 4AM for some reason. I find that working through the night on a project and finishing it is followed by a sense of accomplishment of course, but also relief — like, whew, I can finally go to bed. There’s also a lingering feeling of “there’s still a bit more to do” because I will inevitably want to check over my work again with fresh eyes in the morning and so I go to bed with a bit of a nagging feeling that even though I am officially “done” with the project, I’m not truly comfortable that I’m “done” with the project.

On the other hand, when we managed to do so much so early in the day, there’s a feeling of accomplishment, but also a feeling that there’s a lot more that I can do because there are so many hours remaining. It’s a more energizing feeling, I suppose. And rather than rewarding yourself with bedtime, you can reward yourself with a latte and croissant at the nearby cafe because, hey, it’s actually open. So in some ways, the reward even seems more substantive (or maybe it’s because I’m so food motivated that the reward of a latte and a croissant seems more substantive).

Anyway, the early mornings are certainly a different experience for me and so far, I’m finding ways to really enjoy it.