It turns out that night owl tendencies just don’t disappear, no matter how much you will it

I must have lay in bed for two hours before I was able to sleep. Even then, it wasn’t a deep sleep because something dropping on the floor from the condo above woke me up. And then it was another 30 minute struggle to go back to sleep.

I have always been reluctant to take any sort of “magical pill” to help with things like sleep or energy levels or anything of the sort. Part of it is due to a fear of messing with my body’s chemistry with external supplementary sources of unknown origin. Thus, if I am going to supplement my melatonin levels with anything, it will be with dietary changes.

In doing a bit of digging, some good dietary sources of melatonin include: goji berries (apparently off the charts), tomatoes, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, almonds, and raspberries. Fresh cherries are also supposed to be good sources. Interestingly, I eat plenty of all of these things, but perhaps not right before bedtime.

I will continue with my existing routine for a month. If I still find I am having trouble going to bed at midnight, I will give some more thought into a pre-bedtime routine that includes some of the foods listed above to see if it helps at all. My initial thought is a raspberry leaf tea with a few goji berries and raw almonds thrown in. But I’m curious if my body will adjust over the medium term with only will power.

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