2014 Hawaii High School State Debate Championships: Varsity Policy Debate (April 12, 2014)

Post 5 History, Policy and Culture

Part VI of Information Technology Today by Author Sandra Hirsh (279–357): comes to life in this information presentation above. The technology is used to allow communication for the students involved in the Varsity Policy Debate (April 12, 2014) and any user with access to a the you-tube site above. The facts are presented by each perspective represented in this situation and this is a great way of gaining access to information for many visual learners. The students are allowed to find more views for and against the U. S. Policy towards Cuba from a historic and current day perspective.

The cultural aspects may also be important between the two nations. The user with the access to the technology, does have a learning tool that other people with- out the resources, access and knowledge to use the technology. This debate is great for my subject today: which is the division between the haves and the people that do not have. I am describing the current situation today known as the digital-divide. I ask the people with the ability to have the technology to access it at the following web site:

(http://cs.stanford.edu/people/eroberts/cs201/projects/digital-divide/overview.html). I include a historic picture of all Americans in another issue concerning access to the ability to do something that today we only see as a bump in the history books, documentaries, and movies that include some history as relating to (a current day) plot because it was important information to describe the setting, cultural and time period as background. The user will be able to reflect on the factors attributing to the digital-divide today. Issues involved are stated to be concerning inequality in education, income, race/origin and strongly encourages that something must be done.

All of the conflicts, debates and situations above can and should give insight into the developmental process of growth. Sometimes history is just a record of the past issues so the society or in this case the world becomes a better place for everyone involved. Please research additional methods to close the gap in the inequality that is the digital divide.

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