LaOta Rassoull Explains the Purpose of Sacred Mystical Meditation Wood & Burners

Whether you relax with a cup of hot tea at the end of the day or plug in your Himalayan salt lamp, we all have our own unique ways of embracing tranquility. Meditation is a method for connecting with your creator, and there are dozens of ways to encourage this connection, and one of them is through the burning of incense. Focusing on the symbiotic relationship we have with trees, Of the Sun founder LaOta Rassoull suggests using Sacred Mystical Meditation Wood & Burners when you sit down with the intention of connecting with your creator. Through a brief history of incense and a deepened understanding of how wood incense can clear negative energy, LaOta Rassoull explains how this practice can elevate your meditation.

History of Incense

Incense is an aromatic material that releases fragrant smoke when burned. The word incense comes from the Latin incendere, which means “to burn”, and can be dated as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, who employed incense in both pragmatic and mystical capacities. Incense was burnt to counteract unpleasant smells, but most importantly, was seen to deter malevolent demons and appease the gods with its pleasant aroma. Egyptian graves have been discovered to contain traces of fragrant resins such as frankincense and myrrh. Incense is also believed to have been used in India and other parts of south Eastern Asia as early as 3300 BC, with the use of incense spreading to China in 2000 BC where it was used for worship and prayer. One of the oldest incense burners originates from the 5th dynasty.

The Benefits of Mystical Meditation

Tree resin has a long history of use in ceremonial practices all around the world, and from some of the most renowned civilizations. Resin is the lifeblood of the tree, healing its wounds and inflictions, protecting it against infections — in short, it repairs, heals and protects. When burned, these precious resins emit a holy smoke and beautiful fragrance that is known to clear negative energies, connect us with our higher consciousness and spiritual realms, and surround us with high vibrational frequencies.

As LaOta Rassoull explains, the longest living organism on this planet is a tree. We breathe because of the oxygen that trees produce, and they exist as a product of the carbon dioxide we exude from our breath — it is a symbiotic relationship. The trees consciousness and intelligence reach to the centre of the Earth and out into the universe. LaOta Rassoull explains that the smoke from the sacred wood is multi-dimensional, and when we use this sacred wood for burning, it is a meditational opportunity of expansion for you and all within your home environment.

Sacred Mystical Meditation Wood & Burners are made of sacred wood. Agar wood trees occur particularly in the rainforests of Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Northeast India, the Philippines, Borneo, and New Guinea. When this tree is attacked by certain fungi in its heartwood, the tree responds to this attack by releasing a certain type of resin to defend itself. This resin inside the tree gives rise to the formation of resinous heartwood which is known as oud. Oud has been used in several Asian countries including China and Japan, for centuries as an incense burned in their homes as well as in royal palaces. Whether it was to celebrate the birth of a newborn or mourn the loss of a loved one, it has transcended virtually every aspect of their lives.

Getting Started

If you are looking to get started with the Sacred Mystical Meditation Wood and Burners, they can be found on Of the Sun or through In La’kesh Studio in Fort Myers, Florida. They can be ordered online and come in six unique scents. They are perfect for meditation, yoga, ene3rgy work, clearing and simply making your surroundings smell amazing. The recreational and ritualistic use of incense continues to remain present throughout North America, Europe, Asia and many other parts of the world.

The first time you use these wood burning incenses, founder LaOta Rassoull suggests finding a calm space where you will not be disturbed and finding a comfortable seated position with a straight and self-supported spine. Light your wood burners and take several deep breaths, focusing in on the present moment through the tracking of your inward and outward breaths. Align yourself and your mental state with that of kindness, openness and acceptance. LaOta suggests imploring this practice a few times to a week, to ensure your energy is aligned with the universe and you ward off negative energies. For more information on how to integrate this and other meditation tools into your practice, head to In La’Kesh Studio or Of the Sun for more

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