Why Jerry Coyne is wrong about Dave Rubin
Alex Katz

This is the kind of juvenile drivel that proves Rubin’s (and his myriad, diverse defenders’) point: the sanctimonious left will label anyone right of Bernie (on any major issue) “right wing”. Being a classical liberal is NOT equivalent with libertarianism. There are surely overlaps, but let’s not be so obtuse and intellectually dishonest to obfuscate (or rather blatantly ignore) the differences. We should be encouraging free speech, free thought and eschewing idiotic party affiliations and classifications that feed our base, ID need to “belong” but only perniciously erode our intellectual vigor and creativity.

Despite all their faults, republicans and their libertarian cousins have always been more independent, contrarian and free-thinking by nature of their contempt for big government, regulation etc. But hopefully we have the feeble capacity to distinguish the difference between thinking for oneself is and “being right wing”.

Sadly, this and Harkinson’s original travesty of a piece only prove the point that the left is an intellectually bankrupt mob of authoritarian prowess that cowers behind digital fortresses and veneers in its attempt to bully thinking, feeling humans into submission.


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