School’s In Session! A Word of Prayer.

School has either started or will start soon for our children. Let’s agree in prayer.

For our children:

Dear Heavenly Father,
We lift up our children to You and thank You for trusting us with them. This year as well as in the future, we declare their victory, success, and safety in their endeavors this school year. We trust you for safety in schools; we declare and decree that a hedge of protection around the schools. Expose the wickedness against our children. We thwart, cast down and cancel every plot, scheme, and plan of the enemy.

We thank You for their growth, their capacity to think, and a caring concern for themselves as well as others. We are declaring that peace, focus, clarity, and motivation are their portions. We declare that chaos, evil, and lack of any kind are far from them. We thank You for increased courage to reach out when in need. We thank You Lord for increased ability to know right from wrong as well as the strength to stand in truth and justice.

For Parents:

Dear Heavenly Father,
We lift up parents to You. Though parents are pulled a million ways, let us continue to keep the main thing as the main thing. We declare that chaos, busyness, and distractions will not be a hindrance. We thank You, Lord that every need is met. We thank You that love is the go to strategy for children.

We thank You that lines of communication open up between parents and children. We thank You for the strength and courage to be adequately transparent and honest. We thank You that parents will have the courage to ask for help when needed. We declare renewed strength to be the significant advocate that their children need. We thank You for renewed wisdom, peace, power, safety, protection, and provision as well as the swift, fully answered cries of silent prayers.

For teachers, administrators, and other applicable personnel:

Dear Heavenly Father,

We lift up this group of people to You, Lord. We give thanks to You for their service. We thank You that You will give them inspired ideas, strength, power, and resources to do their jobs well despite the system hindrances. We bind every demonic plot against teachers. Place people according to Your will. Thwart demonic plots of every "ism" that negates justice. Let them be exactors of YOUR true justice despite any objectives of their own. If not, move people into positions that will do so. Purify them, sanctify them, and empower them for Your glory. We declare that love is their motivation. We declare that safety and peace surrounds them, and gift of teaching is stirred with a passion.

In Jesus name...we ask all of these things. Amen. 💙💜💙