Hi LaRae,
Amit Gupta

Hi Amit…I will be one of the first to admit I was “rough around the edges” and needed to become very familiar with how educated elitists spoke, dressed, and thought. As an agent, I needed to project the same sophistication as my colleagues. In the end, it was my work that allowed me to rise to the top, although my polish is what enabled me to communicate in a way that others understood and appreciated. In many ways, that is the definition of entrepreneurship. The way I was able to keep one foot solidly in my working class background was to never turn my nose up at my parents and their situation. Even today, when I go back to the ranch they don’t have modern conveniences like internet and cable TV. Even today, they are hard working people…I will never forget my background and the tremendous advantage it gave me when it came to the ethics of hard work and honest living…

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