Food Habits die Hard !

To begin with, do you know, it’s not only your stomach that is suffering when you eat wrong or over-eat? Your Kidneys, Heart and other organs are equally affected. Biting into that piece of greasy cheese pizza slice and promising yourself to make wiser choices the next time, has been an everyday story for the procrastinators who take their health for granted.

Understanding the science behind your working kidneys is simpler than the science you put behind ‘what not to eat’ after becoming the diseased. Your KIDNEYS are like a filtration factory in your body which filters your blood, making it pure and removing the wastes and extra fluids from your body. They also make red blood cells which give you the energy you need for daily activities and also produce an active form of Vitamin D which helps to keep your bones healthy.

When you bite into your high calorie fatty scrumptious meal, you inevitably put load on your kidneys to process the heavy meal. The regular exploitation of your kidneys in this manner, affects the functionality of your kidneys in the longer run. The constant burden on your kidneys, deteriorate their efficient functioning, eventually making them slow or fail altogether. After years of hogging on to those French fries, burgers and sweets; do not complaint about how did that belly fat get there. Fact is, Fast foods actually make you Slow !!!

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy !

Remember, you are what you eat! Your body will be the mirror of your actions over the years.

Midnight munching, living over junk food and take out packages, craving for a sweet after every meal etc. are some of the food habits that unknowingly become your food intake pattern for life. This exactly is not good! Old Habits die hard and your food habits are no different.

Which way do you choose ?

Today, pledge yourself to switch to a healthier food habit! Wouldn’t it be sad to be a victim to an old unhealthy habit when you have the choice to be wiser enough to choose a good food habit? Don’t make resolutions… Create Habits!

World Kidney Day 2017 will be observed this year on the 9th of March. This years theme throws light on the inevitable effects of obesity on Kidney Health. Be aware of your Food habits and be wise enough to choose the right way.

Cheers to Healthy Kidneys and a Healthier You !

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Wishing you good health!

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