Glass Coffin

My heart pounds harder with every emotional curve that is thrown my way.

No matter what, I keep a smile on my face and wonder why I’m running this race.

I was brought into this world as a disgrace but fought hard to earn my place.

Yes this is me, the daughter you gave up on so easily the one you wanted to erase.

Your words like “I love you” are supposed to give me joy and let me feel your embrace.

Yet, I feel nauseated like I’m another name in a database that can’t be connected to your interface.

You replaced me without a second thought but I’m supposed to encase myself in your micro-space even though we can’t reach a commonplace.

The only time you want me is when you want to show off at the marketplace in front of coworkers and friends.

Then this is my daughter like it’s a footrace and I have to outpace the tail-race.

I had enough and I want out of this head-space.

I had enough and I am at the point when I only want to hear from you, when your head is permanently resting on that pillowcase

While you are laying in that glass case, I will pray for your soul as you leave my mind and wonder out into hyperspace