How the rain brings the pain

As thunder roars and the sound becomes louder….As it comes closer all those voices get ignored. The voices of the innocent, the innocent souls that are supposed to be protected by those who supposed to love them unconditionally, the voices of unjustly accused, the voices of those mourning, the voices of those hurting . To bare pain so powerful so profound you can’t help but wonder am I insane…?Am I the one to blame for this intolerable pain….? The thunder bangs, the rain pours, and all the while it brings the pain. It brings the shame, guilt, resentment but you always remember that I’m my parents little girl. But where are my parents? I need them so. I’m supposed to be daddy’s little girl. He is supposed to protect me. He is not him for he is the new uncle, cousin, acquaintance of the family but to me he is the enemy and in the end they all appear the same. The thunder bangs, the rain pours, and all the while it brings the pain. The shame, the shame still remains the same as he creeps into bed and no one’s around to hear me beg…To beg please this isn’t right but all the same the rain brings the pain as his desires become uncontrollable and will power fading, his needs become stronger…The thunder bangs, the rain pours louder, he reaches his peak and ecstasy is reached. The sky calms and the rain eases but the tears are streaming and the water is red. As he leaves the bed only to say “a storm is coming, cover up and be safe. Don’t worry I’ll protect you. Remember our secrete because we share something special.” The thunder bangs and the rain begins to pour. Oh how the rain brings the pain.

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