What Lies Beneath?

Feed Your Energy Field!

All too often, we are told to pay attention to the physical components of the human body, and even just the “surface” of things when it comes to health. There are many factors that work together inside your body to make you whole. Did you know that your first line of defense is your “Energy Field?” There are many human energy fields. These include the physically measurable electromagnetic and magnetic fields generated by all living cells, tissues, and organs, and the body as a whole. But there are also biofields — subtle or putative fields emanating from these pulsing units of life — as well as our subtle energy bodies, channels, and aspects of self.

What’s Nutrition got to do with it?

Have you ever heard of your Etheric biofield? The term etheric is a derivative from the word ether, which has been considered a medium that permeates space, transmitting transverse waves of energy. When associated with the entirety of the auric field, it surrounds the whole body, hence why it’s a pivotal part of the human energy field. As a separate energy body, which is a more substantial and popular view, the etheric body links the physical body with other subtle bodies serving as a matrix for physical growth, healing, and change.

There are actually independent etheric fields around every vibrating unit of life, from a cell to a plant to a person, as well as a specific etheric field that is connected to the body.In essence, your body’s aura is indirect alignment with that of a plant. This means that the cellular makeups are so much alike, that consuming plants will boost not only your physical energy… but also your energy field! Woah… right?!?

The following is an extract from the Chapter Nutrition, Kundalini, and Transcendence in Spiritual Nutrition

 Transcendence is the extension of regeneration. Transcendence is the evolutionary process by which the vortex energy of the Kundalini progressively transmutes us from the gross matter of our bodies to a more refined and highly organized and energized Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs). It is when the body is liberated from its traditional cellular confinement. It is the physical parallel to the transmutation of our consciousness to the Love of Unity Awareness. Eventually it takes us into complete absorption of our form into the formless ground of Being of God. From the time the Kundalini is awakened, we gradually become more etheric, but even after the total merging of the Kundalini energies, enough of our physical body and chakra system is left so we can function in the world.

Transcendence is easier to comprehend in the context of the cosmic cycles of involution and evolution. Earlier we discussed the precipitation of the SOEFs from the faster-than-light virtual energy field into particles moving at the speed of light and finally into our dense human physical form. This is the process of involution. The process of evolution begins with the awakening of the Shakti Kundalini, which is the residue of the involutionary spiritual Kundalini energy stored below the chakra at the base of the spine. The awakening of Shakti Kundalini starts us on a transcendent evolutionary path, which we call spiritual evolution. A major step in this path is the complete synchronistic merging of the chakras and Kundalini into a single energy. This happens when the level of spiritual awareness and pranic energy in the system reaches a certain intensity. At this point we transcend duality in both our subtle energy system and in our spiritual awareness. The difficulty in discussing this transcendence pattern is that our brains are binary or dualistic, but the states we are discussing are neither the One nor the many. Although the description appears to be linear, it fits neither the linearity of our Western minds nor the circularity of the Eastern mind. The process is spiral and vortical.

Spiritual evolution is happening simultaneously on all levels, yet it culminates in an awakened, aware balance at various stages of integration at different times. There may be no total explanation for this process of involution/evolution, except that it is the play of God. In the process of transcendence, our physical form slowly transmutes into more subtle physical forms, and finally transmutes into subtle energy forms that are absorbed back into the cosmic energy.

Kundalini Vortex Pattern
 The pure prana or spiritual Kundalini is drawn directly into the system through the crown chakra, where there is no subtle anatomy to filter it. It is then drawn into the vortex of the sushumna, which is either a major or minor organizing vortical force in the body depending on whether the Kundalini has been awakened. The cosmic prana spirals down to the heart center, which acts as the center of the sushumna vortex, and then broadens again. The vortex energies of all the chakras are linked to this central Kundalini vortex. The chakras are a less refined energy and draw part of their energy from the Kundalini vortex. Doing so, they deplete the energy of the vortex and hence slow down its spiral energy action. Until the awakening of the Kundalini, the body density regularly pulls energy from the Kundalini vortex downward into the physical structure. Once the Kundalini is awakened, this vortex is increasingly energized by its rising. The crown chakra also becomes more activated and more pure prana comes into the system to further energize this central vortex.

When the vortex energy reaches a certain intensity, it begins to draw matter into the etheric, or next level of purified and more tightly organized SOEF energy. It works much like sugar being drawn up into the more tightly organized vortex of stirred water as it is dissolved into this moving vortex. With the awakening of the Kundalini, we begin the first movement toward the transmuting of our physical form back to its Source — the transcendent energy of God. The tendency of the energized vortex field is to transmute everything to a higher level of energy existence. This does not deplete the body energy because it is an open system that draws energy from the physical plane via food. The better superconductor we are for the energy, the more active the Kundalini vortex, and the more the process of transcendence takes place.

Feeding the Kundalini
 The food we eat is very important in this process of transcendence. If we eat high-energy, lighter foods such as the biogenic live foods, the Kundalini vortex is more energized and thus more active in transmuting us from matter to energy. The watery fruits and vegetables, because of their higher conductivity and their structured water energy, particularly enhance the activity. The closer we move to pure prana in our food, the easier it is for the pranic energy of the system to be drawn into the upper vortex field. The dense flesh foods and low-energy, tamasic foods decrease the energy of the Kundalini vortex. Meat is so much denser than biogenic foods that it does not enter the pranic field as efficiently. It then acts as a sort of metaphoric sludge to slow down the vortex vibration and therefore to slow or reverse the process of transcendence. The sludge effect of meat can be overcome by drawing from the prana accumulated by such things as intense meditation. This is obviously not the most efficient use of our pranic build-up. One of the points of Spiritual Nutrition is that, through eating high-prana foods, eating lightly, and fasting periodically, we become better superconductors and therefore we enhance the efficient use of energy in the system for our transcendence. This approach guides us more clearly to begin thinking about the body as an entity of energy.

Any mental and emotional tension in the system decreases the energy coming into the system by thickening and misaligning the subtle bodies. Because the chakras are not getting the normal energy they need to function from direct external sources, they pull more from the central Kundalini vortex. This too results in a blockage of the transcendence process by depleting the energy of the Kundalini vortex.

Nutrition for the Body’s Energy Centers.

The energy centers in our body, also known as Chakras, require balance and love. Listen to your body and your inner knowing to heal your Chakras when you feel out of balance.

Nutrition is a key source to vitality and you can use the proper foods to realign and cleanse each Chakra.

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