Good Morning Church — Everyone has a Father.

Regardless of the gender confusion that seems to be overwhelming our society God created man and woman and it took the two of them to bring you into this world!

I have been blessed to know some amazing fathers.

My daddy is the best — some would say was the best because he moved on from this life just over five years ago — but when I think of daddy I think of the crowd of witnesses Paul wrote about in Hebrews and I know my dad is leading the pack cheering me on.

My husband is the love of my life — an awesome daddy and now granddaddy! Or as we suppose he will be called by my grandson (once he can talk) Paw Paw.

And my son Jeremiah is off to a beautiful start in his new role as daddy!

But as I contemplated what to write about on this Father Day I kept coming back to the same thing.

It’s an illustration I’ve heard a friend of mine make many times.
He says, with dads most are just doing the best they know how to do and most of the time they get it wrong — especially with our daughters! We say and do the wrong thing — we count on our wives to straighten it out — that is the reason we need moms and dads raising the kids.
So often Men just don’t get it when it comes to the girls AND the same goes for the boys! There are some things boys need their dad for — that is just the way it is.
But us dads we are just trying to do the best we can with what our dads left us.
Think about it in terms of a football game.
You are just picking up the ball where your dad left it and continuing to march it down the field and your kids will do the same. They will pick it up wherever you leave it and continue on.
I love that illustration and it comes to my mind often when I think of my dad.

As I said earlier — for me — my dad sat the ball down at a sweet field position!

It was as if I was already at the goal line when I picked up the ball.

But for others the game has been tougher.

Especially in a era that tends to paint the role of fathers as optional and rather insignificant.

But no matter the position you find yourself at on the field —Your Dad / Your Father — played a part in getting you in the game.

And amazingly some of the worst field positions in life can inspire and motivate those sons and daughters to strive even harder and to love and live even bolder than those who can take it easy and run out the clock.

So on this Fathers Day take a moment to remember your father.

Even if he wasn’t around or was less than what you hoped he would be.

Because regardless of what many in the world would like for you to believe — Fathers Matter!

Happy Fathers Day!
God Bless!
LaVern Vivio
June 18, 2017
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