Good Morning Church — Have I Told You The One About My Son Being Arrested?

With so much youthful testosterone in my house I think I always thought that eventually I might receive a late night phone call from a holding cell.

Late Thursday night we got the call.

We were already half asleep so it took several moments for us to realize the call had been made to both our phones several times and when it rang again we quickly answered.

He quickly explained;

He had completely forgotten about it.

At first he thought the officers were joking when they told him he was under arrest but he quickly realized how serious they were when they proceeded to handcuff him behind his back then attempt to place him in the back seat of their police cruiser.

This is where the story gets even more ridiculous.

Realizing this fact — rather than following their rules and regulations; Which require for the safe transport of arrested individuals; The officers in question had my son lay on his side in the back seat — AND THEN — when they realized they were unable to buckle a seat belt around him in this position — they decided to forgo their guidelines for safe transport and took my son to the jail lying on his side — arms handcuffed behind him — WITHOUT A SEAT BELT!


He was eventually allowed to pay the fine of $117 and was released.

So why am I sharing this little gem of a story in my little sermon post for the day?

First hypocrisy.

And secondly, freedom.

The damage that these two elements cause within our law enforcement system is without question.

  • A few hypocritical police officers can do great damage to the perception of the entire police force.
  • Frivolous laws — while seemingly reasonable at times — do nothing more than imprison us to the subjectivity our founders fought to free us from.

AND — it is the same in our churches.

  • How many times have you heard someone declare they could not attend a church because of the hypocrisy they witnessed from some of the members.
  • Or they would not worship at a church that did not adhere to all of the guidelines / laws outlined by the apostles.

In our communities / even our country as a whole — We have laws on the books that have absolutely no relevance at this time but they are held in place by tradition or a complacent citizenry that would rather not go to the trouble to reevaluate them or remove them completely.

I believe the same can be said for much of what the apostles set aside as guidelines for the early church.

There is so much I could say on this topic and if you would like to read my complete thoughts you will find them on my website in a free PDF called Constitution of Faith — read pages 48 — 55 the section titled Worship Without Walls.

  • They look at the uniqueness — the background of who they are ministering to and the problems that are arising as a result.
  • They then set guidelines regarding their worship and behavior to keep peace within the assemblies.

I find it hard to believe that Christ would free us from the law, spend His entire ministry calling out the Pharisees and the Sadducee's for the burden they had placed on others through the law, then send out the apostles to replace the laws that had been like “a yoke on the neck of the Children of Israel.” Those are Peter’s words in Acts 15:10–11, not mine.

Just as our founders hoped for a simple freedom for those who would come after them THE SACRIFICE OF JESUS CHRIST frees us.

Simply — Completely!

The simple freedom we once knew as a nation.

And as followers of Jesus Christ.



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LaVern Vivio

LaVern Vivio


Christian wife and mother of four boys. Career long Broadcaster, speaker and author.