Good Morning Church! I met a Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Guy the Other Day.

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At least that was the impression he left with everyone around him.

I work part time at a home improvement store and one night last week the place was practically deserted.

With the foot traffic so low the managers spent a lot of time blocking aisles and moving stock around.

If a customer came in they quickly saw to their needs but things were a little hard to maneuver around in some parts of the store.

Most of the customers were very understanding and patient but late in the day a man walked through the construction entrance with an air about him that simply said;

“Get out of my way!”

He was a really good looking guy and carried himself as if he knew it.
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You know the type. Those who act as if they are entitled to special treatment and respect because they had the good fortune to be born beautiful.

But as he came in the door I decided quickly to step out of his way.

I am a ‘vendor’ in the store. I work for a company that markets to customers trying to find leads for the products they sell.

Yes, I am the annoying person that abrutly walks up and starts interiewing you about your home while you are simply looking for a light bulb.

But when this guy walked in I instinctively knew he would not be willing to talk to me just by the way he burst through the door — so I stepped out of his way.

Within seconds his belligerent rhetoric began — and it truly was rhetorical — directed at no one specifically but at everyone who could hear.

The first aisle he chose was blocked and I can’t begin to repeat what he said because of the language involved;

But in less than sixty seconds he declared all of those in the store incompetent—he shared that he had been in construction for THIRTY YEARS in an tone that said (that makes me sooo much better than all of you!) and then he said and I quote, “This is as frustrating as being married!”

His diatribe went on for several minutes and I simply departed to the other side of the store to continue with my job and pray for those who’s job it was to deal with this Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Guy.

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How You Treat People Matters.

And not just when others are watching.

But the way you treat people matters — all the time.

The person you pass in traffic — the annoying guy in line behind you at the store — the incompetent cashier — the rude belligerent customer — the list can go on and on.

And NO it does not matter if they are awful to you — you are not allowed to be awful back to them.

At least not if you really want to do what God has asked of you.

And I know it is not always easy — but the bottom line is that when we treat people the way we want to be treated—at all times—not just when we feel they deserve it—the world around us changes.

That is why the golden rule is the golden rule.
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When and if we follow it life is good.

I have a sign hanging on my porch right beside the door as you enter my home that simply states;

Its has been there for over twenty years.

It was my subtle way of telling my husband—leave your attitude at the door.

I know a little about people who like to rant and rave when things don’t go their way.

I am married to one.

My husband and I have been down some difficult roads in our time together but we are still together and better than ever because we never settled or made excuses for the problems we faced or the sins we committed.

It’s taken a lot of work.

We have had a lot — and we still have a lot to overcome.

But the sign that hangs by our door is a constant reminder to keep working at it Because Nice Matters!

It is the most important aspect of who we are as Christians and there is not a single situation you will find yourself in (even in the moments when a few tables need to be overturned) that we should not have in our heart “Is this how I would want to be treated?”

Unfortunately the example of JESUS turning over the tables in the temple is used as an excuse and justification for when we lose our tempers rather than the lesson we should learn.

When JESUS entered HIS FATHER’S house and saw the mess and disrespect I believe HIS reaction was one of discipline not anger.

When I read that passage I wonder what was on the heart of Christ at the time.

Disciplining those we love is one of the toughest things we do.

We do what we have to do to help them adjust their behavior but in our heart we are holding them and loving them as I believe CHRIST was doing as HE cleared the temple.

Discipline — Anger — and Frustration are a part of life and yes sometimes we have to turn over the tables to effect necessary change.

But when we lose our sense of compassion, love and simple goodness for those we come in contact with for a moment, a day or a lifetime we lose the best of who we are.
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Be the LIGHT!

God Bless!

LaVern Vivio

February 19, 2017

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