A fired arrow

I am a fired arrow ©
Life is like an #arrow by someone released. It is flying along a given #trajectory … Someone is aspiring high, someone is aiming at the very apple, and someone is sliping away not much puzzling himself with goals and complex tasks. And no matter how skilful the shooter was, the error is sometimes inevitable and the goal eludes, the hope-giving person is out of success. While other, flying lightly and without obstacles, reaches more. So is there justice in this world, can we all still influence our flight. Or everything is predetermined in advance, or we simply depend on accidents and errors. If so, let luck will come to us! 
#artwork Ekaterina Mungalova © aka Ekaterina Moong (Limited edition prints) are available for sale
https://ekaterinamoong.wordpress.com https://www.flickr.com/photos/ekaterinamoong

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