Bad Luck Adamchicks?

As one can tell from my previous story, my mom broke her left wrist on December 1st, but it only gets better from here.

Last Monday, the 8th, my dad was taking the recyclables out to the recycling bin. I was sitting in the family room watching TV. I heard the sliding glass door open and my dad go outside.

The next thing I heard was a loud thud. It sounded like a to of bricks hitting the ground. I looked over at the window and did not see my dad standing outside. I thought to myself “Wait…my dad just went outside…the back deck stairs are really icy….oh no..”

I got up and sprinted to the window that overlooks our back yard and part of the back deck. I saw my dad, on the ground, with all of the recyclables he had in his hands, scattered within a 6 foot radius around him. I screamed for my brother to come downstairs to help me. I got my dad up and brought him inside. He hurt his shoulder pretty bad, but refused to get it looked at by a professional.

My dad told my brother to ice the back steps. I ran upstairs to get some advil for my dad and when I came back down, I looked outside and saw my brother holding his hand, like he had hurt it. I opened the siding glass door and asked “Did you just fall down the same steps dad just fell down?” He replied shamefully “I don’t want to talk about it.” Needless to say, Craig is not very graceful.

My dad still refuses to go get his shoulder looked at. He still can not lift his arm up and it has been almost week, I think it’s time to go see someone.

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