A More Progressive Islam

This year when the U.S. Supreme Court voted for Marriage Equality, personally I thought it was great for those who have been waiting and fighting for this right. No religion embraces homosexuality. No, I’m not one of those who rainbowed their profile picture, but I supported quietly the victory for those who have waited for it.

Islam is a religion of peace, but I watched the vehemence come out (even far away from the U.S. where they are not even directly affected) from the religious conservatives. Still I stayed quiet, though disturbed. I removed people from my timeline (not by unfriending for that would be unkind and send a different message, but by unfollowing) so that I wouldn’t have to read the extent that people went off the deep end over this. People are entitled to their opinions.

Recently, I discovered imam Ani Zonneveld. It was refreshing to hear a new voice! Her group, Muslims for Progressive Values (mpvusa.org) has set about changing the mindset of people. On their website, they have resources that explain the history of Islamic views on many topics including LGBTQI. Below is Imam Daayiee Abdullah’s video that talks about this issue. Yes, the people of Prophet Lut’s Sodom were punished, but it wasn’t because of their homosexuality. They had descended into a lifestyle of crime and sin (rape (women, men & children), thievery, and deviance), in fact they had become so infamous no one wanted to travel through the town out of fear. They were unrelenting, unashamed, and brazen even in their acts. They were unrepentant and showed no indication of changing. All of this led to their demise, the fact that they were homosexual was just the tip of the issue. The story of Prophet Lut is about more than homosexuality in Islam.

Thank you imam Ani, for all that you are doing for Islam.


The Prophet’s a.s Prayer of Light. Allahumma-j’al-fi-qalbi-nuran-wa-fi-basri-nuran-wa-fi-sam’i-nuran-wa-an-yamini-nuran- wa-an-yasaari-nuran-wa-fawqi-nuran-wa-tahti-nuran-wa-amaami-nuran-wa-khalfi-nuran- wa-j’al-li-nuran-wa-fi-lisaani-nuran-wa-‘asabi-nuran-wa-lahmi-nuran-wa-dami-nuran- wa-sha’ri-nuran-wa-bashari-nuran-wa-j’al-fi-nafsi-nuran-wa-a’zim-li-nuran-allahumma- ‘atini-nuran. O Allah! Make light in my heart, light in my eye, light in my ear, light on my right, light on my left, light above me, light beneath me, light before me, light behind me; and make for me light. Light in my tongue, light in my sinews, light in my flesh, light in my blood, light in my hair, light in my body, light in my soul, and magnify my light for me. O God bestow Light upon me.