Editorial and Engagement Policy

As a broad church campaign encompassing party activists of all stripes and none, we make a concerted effort to engage with all parts of both the Labour Party and the wider Labour movement. We believe it is fundamental to build a broad narrative across the Labour family that is strong, principled and reflects our core values as a coalition of socialists, progressives and unionists in party politics.

Refugee rights is something we can all get behind. But more than that, it is one we need to get behind, together. Without all parts of the Labour family organising to change a narrative of the powerful that depicts refugees as the enemy, we cannot enact meaningful and lasting change.

For those reasons, we will engage with all groupings within the party, along with all affiliated Trade Unions and Socialist Societies. Whether you’re Progress, Momentum or Open Labour, we believe you have something to contribute to this debate — but more importantly, we believe you need to. We must all work together, as a united front, to challenge dangerous narratives about refugees that have been allowed to take hold in politics for too long.

That means we will write for all Labour publications and seek to organise at all Labour-related events in the form of talks, workshops and other engagements. And we will do so in a neutral and impartial manner without partisan loyalty. No one section of our movement can successfully fight this battle: we must be united.

Our history shows that when we do come together as a movement, we are able to achieve lasting change. The NHS, Welfare State, and Equal Rights are all a testament to that. Those milestones were brought into being by coalitions of change that drew upon not only all institutions of the party and movement, but also all its traditions.