Hello Medium!
Lisa Renee

I so enjoyed reading this! I feel a lot like you. Just a tiny voice going by unheard whilst the other popular people get more action and views and their work is devoured by many and it is not that extraordinary that I can see.

Sometimes i have sat and pondered how this happens… is it because they tag things right? … Maybe I am just really bad at putting the proper tags on my social media voice… I sit still trying to turn many thoughts in my mind of what I can do to get what I write read properly and seen. My voice heard.

When I ask people they just tell me to keep posting … So That is what I still continue to do in the hopes of a view or two here and there…

It is very refreshing to have read (all the way through ) your message and story. I love how you worded things that fit so right with how I think.

You have reached this girls attention today. Looking forward to reading more.

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