How did a book by Deepak Chopra land on your lap?
Jude Young

Lol thats awesome, ive given it to a few good friends who’ve needed it through hard times and its conpletely flipped their perspective on situations and how much control they have over them.

I picked it up fromt the airport bookstore on my way back to site, i wanted a change, to try and read something on my 2 hour flight and thats what caught my eye. The thought of being able to control my situation (which was mentally draining) intriqued me.

I had no intention of becoming the positive spiritually enlightened person i am today but im thankful for it. Other books that have had the same effect on my are

“the who sold his ferarri”

“The alchemist”

“Tuesdays with morrie”

“The power of now”

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