Fosh — our little startup

Long story short, I got with my friends into a startup accelerator where we won along with media and people’s choice awards, the 1st place.

What do we do? Fosh is a little device, mounted on the bottom of the skateboard, that captures all the movement of your board. While is Fosh synced, it sends all data to the app on your smartphone. App will analyze them and recognize tricks you perform.

Anyway, we don’t want to build another tracking device. We want to create a kind of platform that will push you forward with games and challenges. A platform, where skaters will be able to compete with each other no matters where they are. Because skateboarding is a game in the first place.


But it's all a theory. In fact, we just started. After three months in STARCUBE accelerator, we built several prototypes, did basic market research, and developed our brand identity. Then… we stopped. Nobody had time for it and it slowly started to die. Maybe, until now. Recently we took a second breath and it looks like things started to move.

If you are excited about the project, we have a private facebook group where we share all the progress with the community and discuss our decisions. We'll be happy to see you there. Feel free to join 👉🏼 HERE 👈🏼 We are also on instagram. Peace

Fosh & friends