1/13/17 Lack Of Worries Daily Devotional 🎈


It is a decision you must make, do not let your mind be a dumping ground for worries, fear, problems, doubt, insecurities, or anything else that causes you to worry. Instead, let it all go like the Low Life Balloon 🎈 and rise up each morning with an attitude that is strong mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually! 🎈

Do not worry about tomorrow, For tomorrow has its own worries. Matthew 6:34 🎈

Sometimes we may feel low, but one of my ways for overcoming my worries is to talk to myself. For example, I’m getting dressed and may think to myself, “this dress makes my stomach look big!” Immediately, I start declaring truth over my life, like “I am beautiful” and “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. Try it throughout the day. Start to say phrases and really mean it. Say to yourself, “today is filled with great opportunities” “Great things will happen in my life” “I am blessed”. Whatever it is that is worrying you turn that negative voice into an affirmative statement. Above all, choose joy and remember to pack your confidence! 🎈

Written By: Shaleah Ingram ( @Livin_Lovele ) 🎈

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