Game 2 NBA Finals Recap

The Golden State Warriors walloped the Cleveland Cavaliers by 33 points 110–77 to take a 2–0 series advantage. Here are 10 takeaways from the game and the series thus far.

  1. It goes without saying, but the Cavaliers are in trouble. In two games everything they’ve tried hasn’t worked. It hasn’t been about effort either; they’ve played fairly hard. The problem is they are playing a team that’s been forged through the fires of the Western Conference and Steven Adam’s beard. The Warriors are playing with a supreme level of focus. And most disconcerting of all for Cavs fans, is they still haven’t played their best basketball.
  2. Lebron James has to play at an “all-time great” level for the Cavaliers to make this a series again. Before the series, I thought he needed to play the way he did in last year’s finals in 2–3 games for the Cavs to have a chance. He has to do that in every game moving forward.
  3. Cleveland’s best chances for success are to muck up the game. Maybe go big and start Mozgov? It certainly wouldn’t hurt. Through the first two games the Cavs are -49 with their small lineup. To give themselves a shot they have to slow down the game, disrupt the Warriors rhythm, and make it a grind.
  4. Kevin Love does not have any matchup advantages in this series. I said it last year when he was out with injury, and I’ll say it again: Kevin Love is the perfect matchup for Draymond Green and a team like the Warriors.
Check the date on my FB debate, I’m ashamed, but I was right.

5. Kyrie Irving is a fantastic offensive player. Unfortunately for him, the Warriors have already seen the likes of James Harden, Damian Lillard, Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Durant leading up to the NBA finals. In other words, they’re not moved.

6. I have absolutely no proof to substantiate this, but based on their level of focus in games 1–2, and the unusual political correctness of Draymond Green’s press conferences, I believe the Warriors desperately want to sweep this team. If they win game 3, get your brooms out.

7. Lebron James has no mid-range game, go to spot on the floor (besides dunks and layups), or counter moves. His go-to move is a shoulder down, head down drive to the basket for a dunk or layup. If you don’t have other dominant superstars, against a team with the length and a defensive scheme like the Warriors, this doesn’t work. It is a much bigger deal than many people realize. Post coming soon.

8. An unnamed source from the Cavs organization claimed that the team was affected in game one because they were “too rested” after closing out the Eastern Conference and waiting for their opponent from the West to be decided. ESPN also reported on this, but I couldn’t find the clip. I know it’s not a takeaway, just a wtf moment that says enough on its own.

9. The Warriors are a better team than the Cavaliers. At this point that may seem obvious, but it certainly wasn’t at the end of last year’s finals and prior to the series this year.

Via Bleacher Report

10. Lebron is the best-dressed player in the league. Andrew Bogut is not.

Andrew Bogut dressed for a drive through liquor store run
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