Do you understand that Hillary Clinton got 36% of the vote in Montana as opposed to our Progressive…
Tom Clark

I don’t think you have to metaphorically shoot your opponent to track the right way on guns in Montana.

I’m glad you brought up progressive Montana governors. Remember when Brian Schweitzer used to make an absolute show of vetoing NRA bills by breaking out his branding iron?

People respond to that type of confidence and leadership. The biggest problem the Dems have had with the gun issue is they’ve consistently showed fear and timidity. You don’t move people that way.

And, as Rob Quist showed, you sure as hell don’t move them by adopting the worst traits of your opponent.

And no one is talking about confiscation, gun nut, except for that NRA fundraising letter you’re holding in your hands.

Also, I find it amusing that you think that immediate access to guns does nothing to make your drug problem more lethal. You might want to look into your state’s gun suicide rate for starters.

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