Perhaps if you were to do a teeny tiny bit of research you might stumble upon the NRA’s history of…
Joseph Meyer

I love how you just totally ignored the overwhelming majority of mass shooters who are influenced by right wing ideology. Or the fact that mainstream right wing media is constantly promoting hate and violence.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones called Loesch’s video “more hardcore” and said, “ I told the crew last week I want to put it into rotation here to run on the network and on the radio show. In fact, I want the one minute ad to actually run on the full GCN network, I want it to run in our ad slots that are $1,000 a minute.”

Hodgkinson probably was an NRA member. He clearly liked guns, and the NRA and gun industry are quite symbiotic. Entering a gun show, joining a gun club, subscribing to any NRA magazine, etc.

And yes, the bad guys WILL be disarmed, because WE are going to do that — like every other free country on earth — and save countless lives in the process. We do not fear you and are going to outwork and outlive you.

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