“Americans are dealing with the most authoritarian administration in U.S.

I never called him Hitler, or Mussolini.

And come on, Keith, fascism does NOT have to involve the systematic murder of millions of people. That’s merely the most extreme case of fascism in modern history.

You might be a gun nut, but you’re a smart guy. I’m sure you understand the obvious authoritarian impulse of Trump and this administration. You certainly can see the contempt he has for a free press, the democratic process, other branches of government, and our (democratic) allies.

Taken along with the treason (Russia), it’s a huge threat, in large part because conservatives have embraced Trump (because maintaining white supremacy in America is more important to them than democratic government under the Constitution).

As for me “owning it” when progressives engage in political violence, that will continue. I believe in accountability.

And while you and I might get the “subtleties” of boasting about armed violence against government (Is that supposed to be just for fun or something?), an individual in crisis like James Hodgkinson will not. You understand that, too.

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