I get that Trump is an authoritarian, but he’s an authoritarian in the American populist Jacksonian…

No. There has never been a president in U.S. history that has shown this type of contempt for the Constitution and our democratic institutions, Jackson included. There is nothing Jackson ever said or did that even compares.

And you know damn well Trump could have a paramilitary in a heartbeat. Hell, he prepared his supporters during the campaign when he applauded violence against his protesters and alluded to the “Second Amendment people” who could stop Clinton. If Trump told your folks to take up arms and kill liberals, many would do it.

As for dictatorial powers, the only reason Trump doesn’t have them right now is because our democratic institutions (NOT to include the Republican Congress) have risen up to stop him and safeguard our democratic rights. Neither he nor his friend Putin would hesitate for a second to dispense with the Constitution, however, and that is the direction both men are rowing in.

What I really find amusing, however, is your organization’s total embrace of Trump’s authoritarianism. The pivot from insurrectionism under (black) Obama to support for (white) Trump’s fascist style was IMMEDIATE. No blinking at all.

Here’s the inconvenient truth. If you’re truly committed to democratic government and individual rights, I’m a far better friend than you’re ever going to find in that NRA boardroom.

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