Ladder Network Weekly Report(7.1–7.15)

Weekly Report

With the development and expansion of Ladder Network in construction, Community of Ladder Network is also trending. In order to better show global ladder community to supporters, followers and attract more ladder ecological builders, this paper summarizes the recent developments and anticipated activities of ladder.

Technical Development


1. Design Ladder BAAS service (In progress 20%)

[ component layers]

1. Redesign of risk control module and code re-factoring, (In progress 40%)

2. Design and implementation of ladder mortgage mining model. (Completed 100%)

3. Reconstruction of bank realizes the currency storage lock and unlock function with external chain address. (Completed 100%)

4. Reconstructing the OTC module as the order module, lets the bank module directly operate the underlying order. (Completed 100%)

5. By adding the exit lock to the bank module, the third party currency can be lock at a certain period of time.

[ wallet ]

1. Ladder wallet web-side UI design. (Completed 100%)

2. Ladder wallet API interface development and implementation. (Completed 100%)

3. Ladder wallet token mortgage voting front-end function development.(Completed 100%)

4. Ladder wallet token mortgage voting back-end function development.(Completed 100%)

[ browser ]

1. Ladder Blockchain Browser UI Design. (Completed 100%)

2. Ladder Blockchain Browser API Interface. (Completed 100%)

3. Development and integration of ladder blockchain browser. (In progress 40%)

Market Dynamics

1. Ladder X, ladder beta network, was launched on June 24, 2019. On the evening of June 24, ladder X conference was held, and Ladder started 14-day mining test event. When it finished, the total mining is 107389.43 LAD and 98099.32 LAD with 4-node verified. The event has attracted a lot of blockchain and cross chain fans. As the event was finished, LadderX also finished the first beta and will promote strategy of Ladder cross-chain application 2.0.

2. Following the ladder’s formal entry into the Block City, the financial products for LAD were also launched in Block City on July 1, 2019. Ladder started on time on July 2, 2019 at noon. With an annual forecast of 50%, LAD will be the fifth largest currency after BTC, ETH, EOS and GXC for millions of users in Block City.

3. Ladder Network has recruited global ambassador on July 9. The ambassadors can participate in daily works of Ladder Network and become the leader at Ladder community. Until July 15, 29 candidates successfully passed the election and became the global ambassadors. If you’d like to participate in global ambassador project, please scan the follow QR code to know more details!

4. “Cross-chain Technology and Application in Web3 Era”, the first season of Crypto Channel hosted by Polkadot, Ladder Network, DREP, gate, WEB3, and TuoniaoX, was successfully held on the afternoon of July 15. The event invited famous delegations in cross-chain, and they discussed about the application and future of cross-chain. This event has attracted a large proportion of blockchain fans joined, and more than 2,000 people watched live video.

Media and Community

1. By following the “ladder fans”, it will provide information on cross-chain and give in depth idea of related technology or application. Ladderfans will constantly give updates to the community. Anyone who has interested in cross-chain knowledge, tech-fans, or blockchain fans are welcome to join! Please scan the follow links to join Ladderfans!

2. Scan the QR code below to enter the community. Ladder Network is carrying out community co-builder recruitment to recruit interested individuals to build the community together. Those interested should click the link below for details:

3. Ladder unite the community named密码极客 (mimajike) . Currently the members of the Polkadot community is trying to build a Polkafans community and is currently looking for the first team of volunteers. So those interested should follow the id“Ladderguanfang” in Wechat.

4. Through the continuous efforts of ladder community volunteers, currently there are more than 155 communities of Ladder Network fans, covering more than 30,000 people, and more than 17,000 members of telegram group.

LAD is the first cross-chain BaaS platform based on Substrate & Polkadot technology. Hold the LAD, Cross the Chain. Telegram: