S1 — E3: Downtown Drama

Paul’s voice over plays “Previous on Ladies of Twitter” as scenes from last week’s episode is played across the screen of Karina kicking her ex bestie Paul out of her boutique in front of a frazzled Joshuaa. The scene cuts to a brief clip of Paul meeting up with Tyler a few stores down from the boutique as he explains what literally just happen to him over at Karina’s. We see a clip of the newest Lady on the scene named Casey being introduced to Paul by Tyler over a lovely dinner in Uptown Twitter. The final recap clip we see is of all the ladies meeting at Casey’s bar in Uptown that is currently being renovated as she hosts a wine tasting for the new wine menu she plans to unveil at the opening of her restaurant.

Ladies of Twitter Season 1 Intro

The camera pans over the city in a fast forward motion as day turns to night and the city comes to live with the all of the lights being turned on around town. Upbeat music begins to play and the camera cuts to a divided screen showing both Casey and Tyler getting dolled up for a night out on the town with their significant other. We see both couples get into expensive sports cars and head out for a night of fun. We come to a chic restaurant in the business district part of Twitter, we see men and women dressed to the nine sipping martinis and having five star meals.

Double Date Night
Tyler’s Interview

“I’m here today with my fabulous husband Dr. Adam to meet our dear friends Casey and Herman. We both love and adore them, and I’m interested to see where Casey’s head is after meeting some of the girls” Tyler says. His interview wraps up and we’re back to the restaurant where Tyler and Adam are being escorted to a private table with a spectacular view of the Twitter skyline. Just the we see the Latin Princess herself walk up to the table dragging Herman by his hand as he talks business on the phone.

“Herman you need to hang up that damn phone now! Don’t be so rude mi amor!” Casey says.

The couples exchange greetings the men shake hands and the ladies give each other a hug and air kisses. “Tyler and Adam! How are you doing?” Casey says.

“We’re hanging in there. How are you two doing? I feel like we haven’t gotten to have one of our little dinner dates in forever! Too long if you ask me!” Tyler says with laughter.

“Girl it’s been too long! Since Herman is producing our Fall lineup of shows he hasn’t had much free time! He hardly has time for me nowadays!” Casey says in annoyance.

“It’s understandable darling! So let’s jump right into it, what did you think of meeting Paul and Joshuaa?” Paul says as he picks up his glass of champagne and sips it while looking at Casey.

Casey smirks as she picks up her glass also and takes a huge sip. “Paul is quite interesting… I find him to be um… *long pause as dramatic music begins to play in the background* he’s starving and I’m not talking about hungry for food.” Casey says with a cute little giggle. She continues “Joshuaa is a different story and I’m opening up to this new girl besides the whole production side of it.”

Casey’s Interview

“Do I like Paul? No, but we will be cordial of course. I won’t make this any worse than I expected. Paul needs to have the last word and I guess that’s fine…”

The scene cuts back to a view of the couples being served their appetizers and their wine glasses being topped off by the waiter. Everyone digs into the salad as Herman cracks a joke that has the table in laughter. Casey begins playing around with Herman’s hair as Tyler begins to speak about Casey’s dislike for Paul again letting Casey know about how Paul has been a good friend to him and how he’s defended him against Karina and Joshuaa at the Art Gallery opening.

[Tyler’s Interview] “I’ve been friends with Casey for years and she’s never been like this. Why doesn’t she seem to be willing to give Paul a chance?” Tyler tilts his head and finishes off by saying “Hm this is interesting.”

We return from a commercial break to see the ending of the couple’s dinner finish with a cheers. We then transition to another rooftop this time it is a modern chic bar in downtown that is filled with young hot people and we see a busty blonde sitting over at a lounge sofa waiting for her company to arrive. We soon find out that it is indeed the troublemaker herself… Karina.

Downtown Sit down

Just then Paul is seen exiting the elevator and walking over to Karina as she sips her martini. Paul then greets Karina with a simple “Hi Karina.” Karina just sits back sipping her martini look Paul up and down and replies “Hello, nice to see you too.” We then cut to Paul and Karina’s interviews.

Paul’s Interview

“You know what? I’ve been mad at Karina and we’ve both said things to each other but unlike her I’m not willing to throw away our friendship so easily.”

Karina’s Interview

“I’m ready to have a cordial conversation, but she better not f*ck with me.”

Paul and Karina sit quiet for a bit before the server returns to take Paul’s drink order. Then Paul breaks the ice as he digs in right away to get it over with.

“Okay, let’s skip the small talk. I honestly don’t know what I did to you to make you hate me so much, but let’s talk about it here and now.” Paul says.

“Well for one you have no loyalty to me whatsoever. You automatically take someone else’s side in a situation when you’ve known them for two minutes but you’ve know me for ten years!” Karina says.

“NO LOYALITY!!! I had loyalty to you before you dated my ex-boyfriend Karina!” Paul says loudly.

“For f*ck sake Paul you weren’t dating him anymore, I asked you if it was okay and you said it was fine!” Karina begins getting angry.

The two blonde continue to clash as bystanders are now witnesses to this chaos. Paul insinuates that Karina is a master manipulator and uses her friends as pawns in games she plays. Karina fires back with saying “I manipulate? That’s the pot calling the kettle black.” They both bicker some more about who has real friends and who doesn’t. The ladies end their conversation with agreeing to be cordial with each other. Paul says “you don’t like me and I don’t like you but can we at least be cordial?” Karina nods in agreeance and finishes off by saying “That’s fine, I’m classy so I don’t want to be getting at each other’s throats constantly, but I don’t like you and I think you’re a phony.” Paul puts his drink down and gets up from the lounge sofa shaking his head in annoyance and walks away. Karina sits back and waves goodbye as she gulps down the last of her martini.

The blue Twitter skies begin the scene it’s a nice sunny morning and we see Tyler and Adam on the road heading to an undisclosed location. They arrive to what seems like a medical building, they walk in Tyler first followed by Adam who is paying around on his iPhone not really paying any attention. We see them enter an office and written across the glass reads “Marriage Counseling & Relationship Expert” sad dramatic music begins to pay. We see Tyler sign in on the sheet at the front of the desk, before you know it a voice calls out “You guys ready to come back into my office now.” They both walk in and sit down on the couch. The counselor asks “So what brings you guys in here today?”

Couples Therapy Session

“Well doctor, it just seems like he’s been so distant lately. I understand that he’s busy because he just opened his new practice, but I just want for him to be there for me and our two beautiful kids.” Tyler says as tears begin to fall down his cheek.

Adam interjects and says “But Dr. Keller, she doesn’t seem to want to mention the face that she is constantly doing her charity work and partying with her friends. At least what I’m doing is real work.”

The two continuing sharing what is truly bothering them about their stranded marriage from Tyler stating that Adam doesn’t give a f*ck about what he does and how taking care of the children and running a charity is real work. Dr. Keller, comes to a conclusion that both need to communicate and spend more quality time together. He advises that they start date nights once a week and see how that goes before they make a visit back to the office.

Tyler’s Interview

“I think we’ve made good progress between the two of us. I just hope that we can fix this because I want this to work for our family.” Tyler wipes a tear away while looking into the camera.

The camera is moving in a fast forward motion as we transition from day to night and the city becomes alive with lights. We see a the outside of a nightclub that has a line stretching around the corner, a blacked out Mercedes rolls to the VIP drop off and we see Joshuaa exit the car he walks over to the paparazzi and takes some photos before enter the club. The camera follows inside as we see it filled with all of the young, hot, fabulous people Twitter has to offer. We come upon a VIP section where we see a group of people and couple canoodling on the lush couch. Joshuaa is seen making his way towards the section.

Bamboo Nightclub

“Hey you two lovebirds!” says Joshuaa. He is let into the VIP section by the security guard standing in the way and walks up to both Jerry and Nina and greets them with a kiss on the cheek. Nina puts her drink down and pulls Joshuaa down on the couch “We have all these bottles take your pick!” she says with laughter “you know your brother likes to spend spend spend!” Nina says. Joshuaa grabs a glass of champagne and starts to chit chat with Nina.

“So what’s goin on? It’s been a minute.” Joshuaa ask.

Nina flips her hair back trying to hint off the gigantic diamond on her finger. “We’ll Jerry and I just got back from Bali and it was amazing!” Nina says with excitement.

“Shut up! No you didn’t!” Joshuaa squeals.

“Guess what!!! Your brother was offered a contract to play for the Twitter Titians football team and he’s going to accept! So looks like you won’t be alone in Twitter anymore! We’ll both be here!” Nina says.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“My brother is my best friend and when I met Nina it was hard, but I couldn’t be happier for them.”

The trio celebrate throughout the night with drinking and dancing. Joshuaa ask where Nina and Jerry are going to live in the meantime, and Nina says they will be staying in a hotel until they find a place that is perfect for them to call home. We are then introduced to Nina.

Nina’s Interview

“My name is Nina and I’m engaged to the Twitter Titans running back. Also soon to be sister in law of Joshuaa. I’m an international model, but I will soon be calling Twitter home. I’m just a fun loving young soul that doesn’t really think before I do something so that has a tendency of getting me in trouble. I’m also not just a pretty face that takes pictures all day, I went to school and graduated with a Bachelors in Fashion Marketing. A lot of people mistake this pretty face for being just something nice to look at, but I’m a tough girl and a force to be reckon if you get me there.” Nina says in a cheerful voice. We are then shown clips of Nina’s life from traveling abroad with her fiancée Jerry to photos of fashion editorials she’s graced to archived footage of her catwalks in New York, London, and Milan fashion week. We see home video footage of Jerry proposing to Nina in Bali. The camera cuts back to modern day time as the ladies continue their conversation.

“Yas boo! You’re going to be doing all things with me I can’t wait!” Joshuaa says smiling at Nina.

“So have you met anyone in town yet? I got your invite to your charity event the other day! Jerry and I will definitely be there to support you!” Nina says as she goes in for a hug.

“It’s a little hectic… It’s hard to get to know so many ladies at one time.” Joshuaa says.

The two continue chatting about some of the ladies Joshuaa has met and some of the drama that has started due involving Joshuaa. “Whatever as long as they don’t mess with you when I’m around we good!” Nina says with a giggle. Joshua let’s Nina know she’ll get to meet them at her Charity Gala in the coming days. “Jerry stay home please and call mama she’s always chasing me!” Joshuaa says playfully to her brother. Jerry says something to Nina that is inaudible as the club music is playing loudly. She then stands up as Jerry does and let’s Joshuaa know it’s time to get going. Joshuaa says his goodbyes to both Nina and Jerry then says in the VIP section with some other friends and sips his drink while checking his phone and taking selfies.

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