S1 — E6: The Aftermath

Nina’s voice over plays “Previous on Ladies of Twitter” as we immediately cut to the scene where Nina and Casey are seen play fighting at the self defense class. Things then escalate and they both start attacking each other throw punches one harder than the other. Then we cut to the scene of Nina crying outside of the the gym where she is talking with production and being asked to leave the premise as she wasn’t invited by Casey to begin with. Tyler gathers the ladies in the gym to talk about the tension in the group and what caused the fight to break out between Nina and Casey. Again Casey is seen as the cause of the problem and starts verbally attacking Joshuaa when he tries to stand up and defend Nina. Casey leaves Joshuaa talking to himself. Casey is seen rushing for the exit with Karina, Joshuaa following right behind her when Casey does the unthinkable and turn around and spits in Joshuaa’s face.

Ladies of Twitter Season 1 Intro

Karina’s Home

We begin the episode inside Karina’s lovely modern chic home located just above downtown in the Twitter Hills where a lot of Twitter’s most eligible bachelors/bachelorette’s reside. Karina is seen cleaning up her living room and setting up the tea set as she is expecting some guess in a few minutes.

Karina’s Interview

“I’ve invited Tyler and Joshua to sit down and talk. I like them both so I hope we can move on.” Karina says.

The camera cuts to the front driveway of Karina’s home and we see both Tyler and Joshuaa walking up the steps admiring Karina’s beautiful home.

Tyler’s Interview

“I’m coming here today because Karina graciously extended the invitation and I think there is a lot that the two of us need to talk out. And after the self defense class, I’m praying for no more fights. Ever!”

The ladies ring the doorbell and wait for Karina to open up.

“ Gurl I hope this is nice” Joshuaa says to Tyler.

“Me too hun. It should be interesting to say the least.” Tyler responds.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“I’ve wiped the spit from my face and calmed down. I’m ready to see what the ladies takes are on what happened.” Joshuaa says.

Karina greets both ladies with an air kiss on both cheeks and welcomes them into her home. She leads them to the living room area where she has set up a tea set, they each take a seat and begin talking.

“So, I’m going to start off with Tyler. I would like to apologize for the way me and you met and I’d like to get to know you very much.” Karina begins.

“Thank you Karina, however, I have heard that you’ve been talking sh*t about me saying that I’m up Paul’s ass.” Tyler responds.

“I honestly feel both of you are.” says Karina as she stirs her tea.

“How do you though darling? Can you explain that to me? The only person up my ass would have to be my husband so I’m just a bit confused.” Tyler says as he tilts his head to one side and looks at Karina.

Joshuaa sits in silence sipping his tea as he watches both women go back and forth with one another trying to air out all the drama between the two. He then pulls out his makeup and starts reapplying.

Karina goes on to example to Tyler that the reason she didn’t like Tyler in the beginning was because Tyler treated Joshuaa rudely at Paul’s art gallery opening, but besides that she has zero issues with Tyler.

Joshua then says “And me? I hardly know you Karina. I’m getting to know everyone and I’ve tried helping you with Paul, so I’m slightly confused.”

“I honestly don’t even have an issue with you Joshuaa so I don’t know why you seem to think we have one.” Karina says.

“Oh okay well I just sensed it in your tone. But I think your beef is with Nina more which is why I’m getting them looks you’re giving me” Joshuaa insinuates.

Tyler then chimes in “You seemed to turn on Joshuaa when he brought Nina in at the charity event, if you ask me.”

Joshuaa let’s Karina know that he heard her talking sh*t about Nina at the charity event. Karina then says “I don’t like Nina.” Karina continues on to defend Casey and let both ladies know that she is guarded and a good person. Joshuaa fires back with “I don’t care about her, and I’ll never be her friend.”

“I’ve know Casey for years and she’s never acts this way. And I like Nina and want to be her friend too. I just feel caught in the middle of those two.” Tyler says.

The ladies come to an understanding after talking for what seems like hours. Karina changes the subject to her recent engagement to Barron, Joshuaa let’s the ladies know that the trainer has been texting him and even set up a date for the two. Tyler then let’s the ladies know he is planning a fabulous dinner party at his home.

“So can I expect you both to be at my dinner party?” Tyler says.

“Yes I’ll be there” Joshuaa answers.

“I’ll be there! So glad we figured this out!” Karina responds.

“It’ll just be the five of us and our glamorous dates. I decided that after the blowout at the self defense class, it would be best if Nina didn’t come to that, as much as I love her too.”

Tyler’s Interview

“I’m not about to have fist fights at my glamorous house. Hell to the no.”

The scene comes to and end as Karina walks the ladies out of the house. We see Karina waving goodbye to then as they both drive out of the driveway and down towards the city.

We return from the commercial break to see both Paul and Nina meeting up at one of Twitter’s lunch hot spots located in downtown. Both ladies walk up the stairs to the roof top patio over looking the Twitter Hills.

Paul and Nina’s Luncheon

Both ladies greet each other with a hug before having a seat and ordering their food and some beverages. Nina orders herself an organic salad with a gin and tonic on the side. While Paul orders a green salad and martini with extra olives.

Nina’s Interview

“ Paul is a very genuine person and I feel like he and I can be friends. I feel bad for the scene that was caused and everyone that’s involved and having to choose sides.” Nina says.

We then cut back to the restaurant where we see the server coming back with the drinks for the ladies and they each take a sip and begin to talk about all the drama that took place at the self defense class and Paul just wants to make sure Nina is fine.

“So what did you think about the self defense class from hell?” Paul says.

Nina on the verge of tears

“You don’t understand Paul! Like I’ve grown up with so many people having problems with me because of how beautiful I am. *fans eyes as tears begin to form* like you know Casey is super old and if she wasn’t as pretty as me when she was younger why is it my fault! She’s called me a b*tch, she talks about my fiancée and how I’m marrying him for money, that I’m a gold digger. what the f*ck is her deal with me!” Nina says as she is on the verge of tears and in a high pitch voice.

Paul gets out of his seat and comes around the table to comfort Nina with a hug. He then goes on to inform Nina about what happen at the self defense class after she was asked to leave. Paul let’s Nina know that Casey and Joshuaa almost got into a physical fight because Casey spit on her. The water brings out the food and the ladies start eating then Paul brings up Tyler’s couple dinner that Nina wasn’t going to be invited to.

“I can’t stand Casey. And I plan to call her out the next time I see her. I might even call her to lunch. Oh but Tyler’s having that great event at her house for us & our significant others so that we’ll be fun.” Paul says with a smile.

Nina looks at Paul with a confused look “Tyler is having an event?” she says.

Paul’s Interview

“ Oh my god. Did Tyler not invite her?” Paul says as he throws his hands up in the air.

“ OMG! See now I’m not being invited to events now because of Casey!” Nina says in a her high pitch voice when shes about to cry.

[Paul’s Interview] “Okay I like Nina but can she please stop crying at every single thing?”

“ Honestly I don’t even think it’s that Maybe she’s sending you an invite tomorrow?” Paul says trying to calm Nina down.

The ladies continue talking and Paul let’s Nina know that it Tyler’s dinner probably isn’t anything special and Casey will be there with her fake cheap blonde extensions the two laugh at Paul’s shade. The talk a little more before Nina gets up to leave and Paul follows behind her. The two walk each other to the sidewalk then say their goodbyes and part ways.

Nina’s Hotel Room

The scene starts off with Nina lounging on the sofa in her penthouse suite in uptown. She is seen cuddling with her dogs, the camera cuts to the outside of the door and we see Joshuaa paying Nina a surprise visit.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“Works got super busy so I’ve had to cancel my seat at Tyler’s event today. It’s work plus my own decision not to go as Casey will be there and last time I saw her she spat in my face.” Joshuaa says in his interview.

We see Nina walk over to the door and check the peek hole to see Joshuaa standing on the other side. She immediately smiles and throws the door open and greets Joshuaa with a huge hug.

“Listen I have to leave real soon, but I wanted to see how you’re doing I haven’t seen you for a bit.” Joshuaa says as he walks in and has a seat on the sofa next to Nina.

“I’ve been good just recovering from my workout this morning! How’s work? You’ve been on the go nonstop since you arrived in town!” Nina says.

“Hey! Yes it’s been a hustle but hey I just made a deal worth $3 million. So what’s going on? How have you been? Did you hear Casey spat on me!” Joshuaa says in disgust.

Nina eyes widen “omg that’s awesome congrats! and like wtf! Are you kidding me!!! Casey is trash ew!” Nina says.

Nina’s Interview

“Casey is beyond classy she is literally TRASH! How dare you spit on someone. That’s the lowest of the low.” She says as she shakes her head.

The ladies talk about what happen at the self defense class and Nina let’s Joshuaa know that Jerry isn’t too happy about it at all. Joshuaa says he’ll take care of Casey. Nina then let’s Joshuaa know that Paul and her had lunch the other day and Paul spilled the beans about the dinner Nina wasn’t invited to. Nina starts to cry again but Joshuaa shuts her up when he pulls out that famous blue box and says its an engagement gift for Nina. The two hug and head down stairs to the hotel bar and grab a drink before Joshuaa has to return to work.

The sun is setting over the Twitter ocean and we then focus on Tyler’s home as he is preparing for the couples dinner party that he is hosting tonight.

Tyler’s Interview

“ I’m having the ladies and their men over for a small dinner party. Joshua decided not to come though since @he and Casey aren’t on the best of terms, but he sent a lovely gift basket. I’m hoping all these b*tches can behave since Adam agreed to do this with me. That means a lot and I don’t want these women fucking it up” Tyler says.

Tyler’s Dinner Party

All of the couples arrive and mingle around Tyler’s bar area where Adam is seen showing off his bartending skills that he picked up in college. Every is laughing and having a good time talking with no drama. The ladies form their circle as do the gentlemen and they talk amongst one another.

“Where’s Joshuaa?” Paul ask.

“ Why don’t we all sit down at the table and then I’ll tell you ladies about Joshuaa Land everything.” Tyler says as she leads the group into the dining room.

Everyone has a seat, Paul and Casey across from each other with their significant other to there sides. Tyler and Adam both sit at the head of the tables.

“Well ladies, early today I got a text from Joshua says that because of the ‘ratchet behavior’ at the self defense class she didn’t feel comfortable being around some of the ladies. Her words, not mine dolls.” Tyler says.

Casey laughs and says “she’s talking about her friend Nina right? I haven’t gotten my apology letter yet.”

“Must’ve been talking about you…” Paul fires back at Casey.

“ I agree that Nina was out of line, but so were you honey.” Tyler shares his thoughts.

“Are you all going to say that it was acceptable that she used me as a punching bag?” Casey says.

“She was using you as a punching bag” Paul says under his breath.

Casey looks at Paul dead in the face “Speak up if you have something to say. Although we all love it when you stay quiet.”

“Well here’s what I got to say. I don’t like you, I don’t trust you & I think you are a calculated , phony person who enjoys making others feel miserable. You can dish it but you can’t take it.” Paul fires back.

“What?! You mean I’m just going to sit there and let her attack me?! I was in a self defense class! I wasn’t going to let her hurt me! Sorry that’s now how I was raised!” Casey’s voice begins to increase in tone.

“You take no accountability for your actions. It takes two to tango. Your far from perfect. I can see right through yo…” Paul says before being cut off by Casey.

“You be quiet no one is talking to you..” Casey says viciously towards Paul.

The ladies bicker back and forth in front of their significant others. They keep coming at Casey both Paul and Tyler.

“ Ladies. I don’t want this to turn into a gangbang on Casey.” Tyler then says realizing what its turning into.

“ Really Tyler? Because it sure feels like that right about now!” Casey says she starts to tear up.

“Casey, would you be willing to have a sit down with Nina and myself here at my home? You’ve been around my home for years, and I would be glad to mediate if you would like. How does that sound?” Tyler ask.

“I‘m on the fence about this sit down… this dinner seems very planned. *stares at the cameras and producers* I’ll guess I’ll do it but I’m having security there!” Casey responds.

Casey and Paul continue to go after each other throw insults back and forth. Dustin and Herman both step in to defend their ladies only to be shut down by both.

“ We never had any issues… it’s just issues that you’ve created amongst yourself! Lady sit down!” Casey says.

“According to Tyler you’ve been talking about me since day 1.” Paul says as he looks over to Tyler who is sipping his wine.

“Maybe it’s because you’re not apart of this circle… how many foundations have you started? How much money is in your bank account. We all know that you’re not rich… you had to sleep your way with married men to get them to pay for things. We all know this! No one has wanted to acknowledge it!” Casey screams. The whole table stops and just stares in awe.

“ Just remember We all see your husband. Clearly you are a gold digger and I am not going to be accused of rumors that aren’t true.” Paul fires back.

Casey’s Interview

“ I’m a gold digger?! Sorry bitch but Herman and I have is TRUE LOVE! Something she’s never experienced! Bye Alicia!” Casey says.

“Everyone stop f*cking talking about everyone’s man. It’s bullsh*t and we need to stop it.” Tyler says as he stands at the head of the table.

Paul and Dustin excuse themselves and leave Tyler’s house. He gives Tyler a hug goodbye and ignores both Casey and Herman. We cut to Casey and Herman waiting outside the house for the driver to pull up to take them home, they both walked out without saying goodbye to Tyler or Adam.

Tyler’s Interview

“These bitches need to take an etiquette class or something. Who the f**k acts like that at a dinner party?” Tyler says.

The scene ends with Tyler and Adam cleaning up the dinner table and Adam telling Tyler how crazy that dinner was and he hopes to never be put in that situation again.

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