S2 — E10: Tea Time with Tre

Paul’s voice over plays “Previously on Ladies of Twitter” the sightseeing trip continues on without Paul and Tre. Later that evening Joshuaa, Nina, and Tyler have a beautiful dinner on The London Eye. Else where the dynamic duo Paul and Tre venture out in town for some fun and a bite to eat. The following day we see Joshuaa and Nina meeting with Joshuaa’s mother for some morning tea and Nina opens up about the trouble in her and Jerry’s relationship. We then see Paul, Tre, and Tyler let off some steam in the hotel gym only leading to a back and forth of he said she said. In the final recap we see everyone minus Nina and Paul join Tyler at a charity gala where things go haywire when Nate places his hands around Joshuaa’s neck leading to a blow out that causes the night to end early and everyone to go home to Twitter.

City of Twitter
Tyler’s Interview

“We’re back and I agreed to sit down with Tre to work things out. Or at least not kill one another. We’ll see.” *laughs*

Tre’s Interview

“Tyler & I are meeting up and the last time we met, Nate was tapping that ass. *laughs* She thinks I’m lying about the husband, I’m not and she knows I’m not.”

Tyler is seen texting away on his cell phone as he waits for Tre to arrive. The camera cuts to the exterior of the building and we see Tre pulling up the curb and tossing the keys to the valet driver. Tre walks in and spots Tyler looking down at his phone, he walks over to the table and puts his things down on one of the empty seats and they begin to talk.

Tre: Hello… So you wanna jump right in?

Tyler: Sure. Do you want to start? Or should I?

Tre: You can.

Tyler: Okay, well as you said in London, I had no issue with you when you thought I was speaking to you in Vegas. Then we bickered and we know how that night turned out. Now my issue is you peddling a RUMOR that isn’t true. Whether you believe it or don’t, it’s not.

Tre: Tyler, let’s backtrack. Our issue didn’t begin at the Vegas dinner, it was at the club. I said it was a lot of snakes in the group & at the dinner, you said I called you a snake. I was calling Joshuaa a snake. Yes, we had words, but you also lied by saying I fuck whales at Sea World or something, & then you called me a bitch, which then proceeded in me telling the truth about your marriage.

Tyler: Okay well I apologize for the Sea World joke that I made. It was in poor taste, but I stand by believing that you were also referring to me as a snake, which I’m not.

Tre: Okay? *laughs* In your mind believe that the rumors about your husband aren’t true?

[Tre’s Interview] Nina said it, Paul said it, & now I’m saying it. It’s a pattern Tyler, wake the hell up!

Tyler: I don’t believe that, I know it! He goes to work and comes home to me and our children. Unless the 30 minute drive to our house somehow got shorter allowing him to go get “some”, it isn’t happening. Nina admits that it was a lie, and now that Paul doesn’t like me, he decided to pick it up It isn’t that difficult really.

Tre: Oh bullshit. *pulls out latest Twitter Magazine & it has Adam kissing another woman on the cover* So this, isn’t true? He can have sex with the nurses at work Tyler.

Tyler: Tre, stop. That’s a doctored photo, shut the hell up. Oh, did you take it bitch? Did you? *rolls eyes*


Tre: Anyways, I wanted to like you & I’m sorry if you felt attacked by this “so called rumor” that might be hurting your family.

Tyler: No, you don’t. Well this has been lovely, but you actually have shown your true colors and now it is on. Should I start spreading the trash I have on you. Fuck you. *leaves the restaurant*

[Tyler’s Interview] No point arguing with dumb. Game on, bitch.

[Tre’s Interview] Bitch ain’t got no dirt on me. She doesn’t know anything about me, I know the tea on her fake ass.

The scene ends with Tre left alone at the table finishing his glass of wine as we see Tyler storming out of the restaurant and to his car that is waiting for him. We then see Tre walk out and pick up his car in the valet and speed off into the city traffic.

Downtown Twitter

The scene cuts to a row of upscale boutiques lining the streets. We see Joshuaa, Nina, and Tyler walking into a store laughing and talking as they enter.

Nina, Joshuaa, and Tyler

Nina: Hey ladies!!! *hugs and kisses all around* it’s been a hot minute! What have you all been up to!

Tyler: That hoe Tre. He’s done it now. All bets are off ladies…

Nina: Oh god what happen?

Tyler: He brought that phony ass magazine cover that had the photoshopped image of Adam kissing another woman. *rolls eyes*

Joshuaa: Haha ladies I’m so done with them two. Did you see that hoe Nate go for my neck? *laughs*

Tyler: Nate lost his damn mind

Nina: Wow! I sure missed out on a crazy last day in London. Nate is an animal. I can’t with that trash anymore!

Tyler: I’m telling you, Tre better fucking watch out girls.This has gone on for too long.


Joshuaa: Tre was loving it all. London was a mess.

Tyler: And did you see how Nate turned on me at the charity auction? What was that about girls?

Nina: So what’s our next event I can wear this too? *pulls a plunging neckline gown out from the rack*

Joshuaa: Are we all invited to this damn wedding that no ones thinking is happening?

Tyler: I’ll have to see at this point. I’ve been such a good friend to Nate and bring him into this group and he turns against me? And Nina darling, you’re so fab that you could wear it anywhere.

Nina: What wedding? To the fiancée he cheated on? *laughs*

Nina laughing

Tyler: What a mess these fucking new ladies are and then Paul too. *laughs* why are we the only normal ones?

Joshuaa: So what is your plan Tyler babe. Enough is enough!

Tyler: With these girls? I’m calling them out on their low base bullshit. It’s all out war from here ladies. *laughs* These ladies came into our circle and tried to came at us? We’re the OGs girls. Don’t you think it’s time to show them what we’re made of?

Joshuaa: Take no prisoners? Yas queen I’m living let’s do it! Three OG’s unite!

Tyler’s Interview

“Classy is ready for battle bitches and my guns are loaded so watch out.”

Joshuaa’s Interview

“There’s bout to be a sabotage wedding right about now! Let the games. Begin.” *snaps*

The ladies continue to shop a bit more and Joshuaa ask Tyler to tell Nina about seeing Nate and the mysterious young man that morning in Vegas. Tyler does confirm he saw the man leaving Nate’s room too he was only keeping quite to protect Nate, but after Nate’s attitude towards Tyler it was time to let everyone know what Tyler saw. The ladies pay for their items and move on to the next store as the camera fades away and we cut to a commercial break.

City of Twitter

The scene begins outside the back lot of Tre’s studio set where the 100th episode of Team Time with Tre is about to be filmed. We cut the Tre behind the scenes getting dolled up, we see Nina and Nate have a seat front row for the show.

Tre, Nate, and Nina
Tre’s Interview

“So today is the big day!!!! *Shouts* Tea Time with Tre has reached 100 episodes & I could be more happy!!! I am filled with excitement & joy & today is going to be a day NO ONE will forget.”

Nina’s Interview

“So excited to be here for Tre’s 100th episode of TTWT! It’s such a huge accomplishment for her and I kind of want to see where things stand between her and Tyler and Joshuaa. I’m just caught in limbo between all this messy drama.” *shrugs shoulders*

We switch back over to the studio where the seats are filling in fast. As the last person has a seat the studio suddenly goes dark and a countdown to showtime begins at the top of the stage as production as audience members to be quiet. The lights blast on and music begins to play as we finally see Tre come out of a secret door and into the audience to greet them and dance.


Tre: Hello! How y’all doing today?!?! *smiles* So today marks a special day for the Tea Time with Tre team. It it our 100th episode!!!!! So, I’m not gonna waste y’all time & I’m going to go ahead and spill the delicious TEA!

Audience cheering

Tre: So, this tea is very piping hot today. *smirks* Lord Jesus! So, you all know Joshuaa from Bravo’s newest hit show Ladies of Twitter right?

Audience: *in unison* YES!!!

Tre: So you know he was pregnant and he lost the baby & everything and it was really really sad. *starts to shed a fake tear* but the streets disagree…

Audience: *gasp*

Tre: Well, my Tea Time with Tre staff has exclusive audio from a good friend of his saying that was he really pregnant?. *plays recording: I’ve known Joshuaa for many many years. When she joined the reality show, she stopped talking to me & everything. Before she was officially confirmed, she told me that she would FAKE a pregnancy to stay in the press & stay on the show. She’s a fraud & cannot be trusted.* So I’m going to call on a few people in the audience & I want your opinion.

Audience booing

Audience Member: *talks into microphone* I think that is so trashy & so low. Many people in the world can’t have kids and to do something like that is totally disgraceful.

Just then from afar we catch a lady raise his hand as he would like to give his opinion on the topic of discussion, the production assistant runs over and hands him the microphone as he stand we see long blonde hair flip out of his face to reveal none other than Casey!


Casey: Well from experience and working with Joshuaa, I do think that is something he would do to stay on the show Ladies of Twitter. I mean I was everyone’s storyline last season *laughs* he needs to find ways to make money now that his production company is tanking.

Casey’s Interview

“I’m Backkkkkk!! Hola Bitches!! Que Tal!? I have been away for the last year. Herman has been very sick. He’s not in great condition. It’s rough everyday.”

[Nina’s Interview] What the fuck is going on what did I come to!!!

[Nate’s Interview] What is Casey doing here? Ugh…

Tre: Well everyone, I think now is a good time to take a break. After the break, I will have one more thing to spill & we will a legendary performance by Erika Jayne!!!

The camera’s shut down and we see the ladies all being escorted backstage to Tre’s dressing room well he’s being touched up for the second segment of the show.

Casey: Oh my! This is CUTE!! Hi Tre! *hands tre two presents* One is for the night… open the blue one first…

Tre: Hey girl!!! *opens blue box* Talk about a night of surprises!

Casey: YAS girl! I wanted to bring you a little present. Well Joshuaa is just a mess! He’s a lie. He doesn’t even own his production team.

Tre: Thank you! She doesn’t?

Casey: She sure doesn’t! She’s just a brand ambassador! Everyone should know that! She owns like 17% of the Productions.

Nina: *walks into dressing room* Ohhhh girl you’re naughty naughty!

Nate: Tre I’m dying!!! Hahaha

The ladies all exchange some words in the back, Nina ask Tre if he’s warned Joshuaa about what he’s going to air on the show. Both Tre and Casey say why would they he deserves whats coming for him. Nate clearly intoxicated starts making side remarks about Nina and before it escalates she says her goodbyes as she’s had enough for the evening. Before she goes she extends the invite to the opening season football game and tells Tre “Tre bring your drunk bitch if want to the football game too. If she can make it up the stairs…” The ladies are shocked by what comes out of Nina’s mouth. Nate tries to attack her but Nina is being escorted out by security so nothing happens. The production manager tells Tre 5 minute until showtime and everyone is seen going back to there places and the show begins.

Tre: Before the break I was about to tell you all about Tyler’s husband Adam, well according to the latest Twitter Magazine, is their marriage in the rocks? Sources say that Tyler had an upcoming fashion show to save the marriage because Adam has been cheating on her.

Audience shocked

Tre: Well, this is what you’ve all been waiting for…. I INTRODUCE ERIKA JAYNE PREFORMING HER HIT SINGLE… XXPEN$IVE!!

Erika Jayne

[Tre’s Interview] Yay I did it! I am so proud & *sheds tear* I can’t be crying about this, let’s talk about that Joshuaa bitch so I can stop crying. *laughs*

Tre: See you next week on Tea Time with Tre!

City of Twitter day to night
Nina, Joshuaa, and Tre

Tyler: Hello gorgeous girls! Great to see you both! *air kisses*

Nina: LADIES! Please grab a drink or 10 I’m jumping right in…

Joshuaa: *air kisses* Oh lawd have mercy.

Tyler: Oh lord darling, I’ve got my wine and I’m ready…


Joshuaa: Let a girl get a drink! *waves to waiter*


Nina: So…. I went to Tre’s filming last night.

Tyler: So, how was that?

Joshuaa: Was the set falling to bits? Crush his big head? *laughs*

Nina: Beautiful set and great show but it’s basically to just bash people I didn’t like it at alll. BOTH of you were the topic of discussion!


Tyler: Wow. Can’t believe that. *rolls eyes* what trash honestly.

Nina: Joshuaa he played a recording someone did on you saying you were going to fake a pregnancy to stay on the show and to stay in the public eye.

Joshuaa: WHAT!?

Tyler: Wow, what a dirty hoe!

Joshuaa’s Interview

“He strikes again! The lengths Tre will go to try to ruin me, I think he just wants to be me! I’m not even going to go there he’s heading the right way for a damn lawsuit.”

Nina: But that’s not all! There was a guest in the audience who had a lot to say about you owning your company Or about how you don’t own it only 17% of it! The Latin Barbie herself! Casey was there!!!


Joshuaa: This is getting ridiculous!

Tyler: What? Casey?

“This drama is too much I can’t even deal right I’m getting hives!!!!” *laughs*

The ladies ask Nina what else was said or happen at the filming of TTWT and she shares with them. Nina tells them everything from Tre pulling out a tabloid of Tyler’s husband Adam with a supposed mistress to Nate showing up drunk and trying to attack Nina again. Nina also lets them know she invited all the ladies to Jerry’s opening season football coming up. Joshuaa ask her why she invited them and that he doesn’t want to be around them so he may not even attend. Nina let’s them know she isn’t choosing side or leaving anyone out as she knows very well how that feels with all the drama that went down last season. Joshuaa says he’ll attend if he feels like it, the night and scene ends with the ladies walking over to the dance floor and dancing with one another as the night progresses.

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