S2 — E11: Football Fiasco

Nate’s voice over plays “Previously on Ladies of Twitter” We see clips from Tuesday’s episode first showing Tre and Tyler meeting up to come to a resolution from their drama only for things to go left resulting in Tyler walking away. The OG’s minus Paul meet up for a shopping excursion where Tyler reveals he indeed did see the young man leaving Nate’s room that morning in Vegas. During the taping of Tre’s 100th episode of Tea Time with Tea he spills plenty of tea on both Joshuaa and Tyler along with the help of a familiar face the Latin Barbie herself Casey. Lastly, Nina meets with the ladies and informs on all that went down at the Tea Time with Tre filming and she tells them that Casey has returned into the mix and she’s invited everyone to Jerry’s opening season football game, but Joshuaa is now reluctant to attend the event…

City of Twitter

The scene starts off with some upbeat music as the sun is setting and the city of Twitter comes to life with light. We get different shots of the city before settling on Twitter Titans Stadium where the kickoff game begins in 1 hour and Nina has invited all the ladies minus Paul to Jerry’s first game with the Titans.

Twitter Titans Stadium

We cut back to a split screen where each lady is shown getting ready for the game as Nina has instructed them to come in casual clothing. We see Joshuaa, and Tyler in the backseat of an SUV as they’re being driven to the stadium, we then see Casey, Nate, and Tre also in the backseat of an SUV. Nina is shown in the suite overlooking the field setting up and straighten out the flowers on the table.

Nina’s Interview

“Today is football Sunday and I’m super excited for the ladies to see Jerry and his team play! I’m praying for no drama but with this group that is impossible.”

Nina, Joshuaa, Tyler, Casey, Nate, and Tre
Joshuaa’s Interview

“I REEEALLY don’t know why I’m here other than the fact it’s my brothers game. This group is nuts and I really do not want to be around such toxic and nasty people. Nate and Tre are dead as I’m concerned”

Joshuaa and Tyler arrive before everyone else and greet Nina as she hands them a glass of champagne and introduces them to the other wives, girlfriends, and fiancees of plays from the team. We then see Nate and Tre walk in and Nina walks over to greet them with a glass of champagne. We cut to the hallway outside the room where we see a pair of long legs walking over to the suite.

Casey’s legs

Casey: *walks in* Nina! Te ves tan bonita! Oh my god! I’ve missed your pretty little face!

Tyler: Wow Casey, long time no see, you look well…

Tre: Hello guys! Do you all remember her? *introduces Casey*

Tyler: Yes Tre, I know Casey. Thanks though. *laughs*

Casey: *powdering my nose* Thank you Tre!

Nina: Ladies! Please feel free to grab anything you like to drink at the open bar and there’s some food also over by the bar feel free to help yourselves. Thank you all for coming…

Joshuaa: Woo! *cheers for Nina*

Tyler: Hi Casey, like I said, long time no see, hope Herman is well.

Tre’s Interview

“I hope Nina knows that things might not go according to plan. Nina knows more about the ball, than the foot if you know what I mean. *laughs* I haven’t seen Casey since the reunion when she was f i r e d! Let’s hope she can keep her bodily fluids to herself.”

Casey: Yes, that’s right. Such a long time. Herman is hanging in there. It’s tough how’s Adam?

Tyler: I can imagine, you all are in my prayers hun and sometime I hope we can grab lunch and talk out all the stuff from last year. Adam’s well, busy as ever, you know him. *laughs*

Nina: *loudly* Nate there’s a lot of water for you. Lord knows you can’t carry you alcohol.

Everyone goes about the room awkwardly, then Nate pulls Tre aside and apologizes for acting out at the taping of TTWT and says that Nina provoked him like shes doing now. Tre accepts the apology and understands where Nate is coming from and knows he didn’t mean any harm. We see Joshuaa and Tyler mouthing to each other “WTF” and “this is so awkward” from across the room. We see Casey and Nina catching up well Nina introduces some of the other wives to the ladies, and then Nina goes and pulls out a gift box and hands it Tre congratulating him on his 100th episode of TTWT.

[Tre’s Interview] It’s so uncomfortable. I swear I would have already went to Joshuaa & read his ass.

Casey: Hey Tyler can we chat?

Tyler: Sure Casey…

Casey: I want to take this shot with you! I’m hoping things are in the past with us. I know Adam isn’t gay… I guess he’s bisexual…

Tyler: Casey, I’ll accept the apology, but he isn’t cheating.

Casey: Are you sure about that? Do you trust your husband?

Tyler: Wow, Casey, I thought we were having a good moment. Yes, I trust him!

Casey’s Interview

“People talk… and people are right….”

Casey: Who’s to say we aren’t having a good time?


Tyler: I mean, I’m not enjoying lies being spread about my husband. I thought your apology was sincere and I apologize for most of my behavior last year, but clearly it wasn’t.

Casey: I’m sorry. Tyler I really am. But people keep talking in my head. We will just forget all about it.

[Joshuaa’s Interview] Two ladies here have physically abused me, one verbally abuses and puts out lies about me and I have Nina ignoring me and Tyler being the social butterfly? Wtf?! I’m more fab than this…

Just as we finish up seeing Casey and Tyler cheers and throw back a tequila shot together. The camera moves over to Joshuaa who is sitting out in the balcony alone watching the football game. Nina walks over to him and has a seat across from him and the two begin to have a heated conversation.

Nina: Maybe you should ask Tre about the recording I told you about. Obviously there’s people other than Tre out to get you…

Joshuaa: Erm no Nina. I don’t want to talk to him, I don’t have anything to say to him. The fact you don’t see that is really not good for me and you…

Nina: Why is it always about you? And what’s good for Joshuaa? This is your brothers game and everyone here is here to support him. I really don’t want to argue Joshuaa but really come back down to reality.

Joshuaa: Nina you have no idea do you, these ladies are out to get me and you’re making out with them all nice when you know it’s all lies. Bring Tre over here then if you wan me to talk to him… I’m just trying to enjoin my brothers game, and I don’t appreciate you saying that Nina.


Nina: Of course you don’t Joshuaa. It’s like walking on eggshells with you now. I’m my own person and I’ll be friends with whoever I please. Yes you’re my family but I can’t live my life according to you.

[Casey’s Interview] Nina is SERVING TRUE TEA! Joshuaa always has to be the center of the universe. Boring.

Joshuaa: Don’t start Nina honestly you’ve invited me into the lions den basically. You want me to go there? Really make it all about me? Fine.

Nina: They aren’t even doing anything to you though? I think you’re being a little paranoid.They haven’t paid one ounce of attention to you…

Joshuaa then gets up and walks over to Tre who chatting with Casey and laughing. Nina follows behind Joshuaa, as this is happening we see both Nate and Tyler having a conversation about wanting to put the drama aside and Nate still wants Tyler to be apart of the bridal party. The cameras cut back to Joshuaa and Tre as dramatic music begins to play in the background.

Joshuaa: Tre, Nina has told me all about your show and the lies you spread about me. *turns to Casey too* Let’s sort this once and for all…

Tre: It wasn’t lies. It was the truth.

Nina: I want you to tell us who gave you that recording Tre.

Joshuaa: Where’s the proof?

Tre: There’s nothing to sort. You are a liar & everyone knows it. Take your happy ass on. It was a friend of Joshuaa’s.

Joshuaa: No friend of mine would serve scum like you.

Tre: You know what! Fuck it. Joshuaa fuck you & fuck your life.

Joshuaa: Fuck you bitch I’ve got a great life you want my life boo, and Casey really? After all this time you’re back and on the bang wagon again?

Casey: What bang wagon? Enjoy your great life somewhere else. Honey no one wants to be around you.

Joshuaa: Casey please, go fuck another pool boy whilst your husband is in hospital.

Tre: Oh honey bye, like seriously f off Bobby, because you a man bitch. You are such a man I can’t take it. The devil has eaten your soul! What you’ve done to us women, is a sin & there’s a special place in hell for a bitch like you! There’s a special place in hell for a bitch like you with your black gums & all. And those knock ass knees.


As we return from our commercial break hopping right back into Joshuaa going up to Tre and just as things are starting to get heated we see Nate and Tyler both join in with the group and they each give their opinions on the matter at hand.

Tyler: Guys, stop spread lies about Joshuaa, please. Either spill that tea or shut the fuck up.

Nate: When a lot of people feel the same way Joshua, and have issues with you, more than likely you’re the problem.

Nina: Joshuaa is not the problem! Everyone is being feed negativity about each out and then bringing into our group this needs to stop.

Nate: We’re not. Joshua’s just a manipulative dick like yourself.

Joshuaa: I own my business! I had a miscarriage! I have a man! I’m very rich! What else you want me to clear up?

Tre: You had a miscarriage? *laughs*


Tyler: Girls, I was there at the hospital. He had a miscarriage.

Joshuaa: Gurl please are you deaf as well as dumb? Fuck yourself Nate.

Nina: Shut the fuck up Nate you stupid old hag bitch! Go swallow glass.


Nina: Say something again Nate I swear to god I’ll slap your stupid wrinkle face.

Nate: You two are a bunch of fucking uneducated cunts who live off their husbands.

Tre: You’re a dumb bitch. Go TRY & MAKE A REAL BABY! I HAVE A HEALTHY ONE AT HOME!

Casey: *sips drink* feels like nothing has changed since we last left.

Nate: Joshua shut up. Go take your fake fucking ass back to willy!

Joshuaa: Nate come grab me again see what happens…

Nina: I’ll punch you if you touch Joshuaa again you dumb fuck!

Nate: PROVE IT THEN! Oh really???? OK! what you gonna do you ugly ass Hitchcock? *gets in Joshuaa’s face*

Joshuaa to Nate

Joshuaa: Oh god get your sticky breathe out my face!

The camera turns to Nina who is seen taking her heels off and earrings and putting her hair up in a bun. The rest of the wives are on the other side of the room separated from the drama by the sliding doors. Nate and Joshuaa continue to argue back and forth while in each others faces. Then Joshuua chucks his drink all over Nate.

Joshuaa to Nate

Joshuaa: I’M DONE!

To Be Continued…

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