S2 — E14: Reunion Part One

Ominous music plays as the screen appears blacked out and we hear all of the ladies hurdling insults and accusations back and forth as the screen flashes and we get glimpses of each lady during the reunion taping. The screen goes black again and Andy’s voice is heard telling the ladies to settle down, the screen flashes to a clip of Tre getting up and saying “No! No! Don’t do it!” the screen goes back to black and a slap is heard along with ladies gasp. Andy appears on the screen on the reunion set and says “ Welcome to the epic three part reunion of Ladies Of Twitter! After a season of hurt, drama at every corner, and the rumor wheel constantly at work this season the ladies meet one last time to settle the score once and for all.” The countdown starts 3, 2, 1

Paul, Tre, Andy, Joshuaa, Tyler, and Nina

Andy: As you can see we’re missing a lady tonight. Nate has decided not to attend this evenings reunion after a rough first season on Ladies Of Twitter so we won’t be able to get his side of things that played out this season… Not only is Nate absent tonight, but he won’t be on the show next season. Without further ado let’s get started with introducing the housewives who did indeed show up. Hello Paul! How are you doing tonight? Ready for your second reunion?

Paul: Sure am Andy!!! Excited to see what today brings.

Andy: Excellent! You look lovely as usual! We have the always feisty Nina! You look extra sparkly today! You ready to set some of these ladies straight tonight?

Nina: Of course Andy that’s why I’m here to set these bitches straight and back to whatever hole they crawled out of.

Andy: Tyler! We have a lot to discuss today! Are you ready for today and to lay some rumors to bed once and for all?

Tyler: Andy darling, absolutely! These ladies are scared of the truth, but it’s a ghost that’s about to scream boo at some bitches

Andy: *laughs* I love it! Up next we have the vivacious Tre! You look stunning tonight darling! So you ready for your first reunion with these ladies? You did have some sort of a rough season fitting in.

Tre: I am ready for my first reunion! I’m surprisingly not nervous at all. *laughs* If I’m not fitting in, I gotta stand out!

Andy: Stand out you did! Last but certainly not least Joshuaa! How are you feeling this evening? You look ready to go! Anyone you aren’t excited to see tonight?

Joshuaa: Hey Andy baby! Oh yes yes I’m ready to go! It’ll be fine with you next to me and of course! I’m excited!

Andy: Already! So before we get started let me ask some general questions and I want everyone to give an answer… First word that comes to mind to sum up season 2?

Tre: Crazy

Nina: Divided

Tyler: Explosive

Joshuaa: Deluded

Paul: Iconic


Andy: Excellent excellent! This is for the returning ladies which season did you enjoy filming the most and why? I’ll start with you Paul.

Paul: I enjoy filming Season 2 a lot more then I did Season 1 I learned people’s true colors. Stayed true to myself and I had a great time. By the way nice Walmart dress Nina. *laughs*

Nina: Fuck off with your botched boob job. One tit is bigger than the other.

Paul: Oh hunny I have your pay check. Your whole storyline revolves around me!

Nina: Paul please go back to the gutters.

Paul: I will boo thank you!

Andy: Joshuaa, Tyler and Nina, which season did you enjoy filming?

Joshuaa: Erm… Andy ima be real and say I’ve actually enjoyed both seasons. Obviously season one has a special place in my heart, so much happened! Season Two was for sure a roller-coaster and I learnt a lot.

Nina: Well as you know Season 1 was tough for me as I was the black sheep so this season again was tough because I was stuck between my friend and my sister in laws drama. Overall I would have to say this season was slightly easier to film than last.

Tyler: I personally would have to say that for me, the filming process was much easier for me in season one. Less trash. However, along the same lines as Joshuaa, true colors and getting to know Nina better was nice this season.

Andy: So moving on to episode 1 we saw Nina on the ousts in this group of women and that is where we are introduced to our two newbies Nate and Tre. Let’s take a look at the package… Roll the clips! Nate and Tre what were your initial thoughts on the group?

Tre: My thoughts on the group was kinda bitchy honestly. Like they were all against Nina & I felt like I needed to defend her because it’s not nice to be ganged up on.

Andy: I know you came in as Nina’s friend but you two drifted way apart as the season progressed. Where do you stand now?

Tre: Where do me & Nina stand? On my end, I’m fine with her, but it’s some things she’s said to me on Twitter, like calling me a fucking liar? Where the hell did that come from? I do feel as if people have been in her ear saying this & that about me honestly.

Nina: Andy I’m good with Tre no hard feels here.

Andy: Joshuaa, Nina, Paul, and Tyler what are your thoughts on both of the new ladies?

Tyler: I loved Nate going into this, I brought him to this group, and I had high hopes. Tre and I got off to a rough start and unfortunately, things never got better.

Joshuaa: I think the two new ladies love a drama, they love to make stuff up. They’re a perfect fit for the show! I just don’t like how they’ve been with me from day one.

Paul: Nate seemed nice enough & she was a friend of Tyler’s who at the time I was the closest to. Tre on the other hand I didn’t get off on the right foot at all. It seemed like she was trying to cause tension but my opinion has totally changed from that.

Nina: Of course I loved Tre since the beginning and if I knew now that this show was going to put a strain on our friendship I never would of suggested him to production. As far as Nate goes, I could careless for him. He was standoff-ish off the back so I didn’t bother.


Andy: So we obviously know both Nate and Tre come off RHOYT and for the viewers who never saw the show please explain what is the history between you two?

Tre: Me & Nate were friends, like best friends. *laughs* We had a huge falling out which I don’t want to relive because it was so ugly. It got physical almost, so that’s that. *laughs* Love him now though!

Andy: So in the clips we see you Joshuaa make a comment about Tre’s yellow dress, and from the looks of it that seems to be the start of this Joshuaa vs. Tre rivalry. So what was the problem with the yellow dress?

Tre: It did. Like hello! “I don’t like yellow​.” No one gives a fuck what you like girl bye. I look good in yellow I must say.

Joshuaa: The yellow dress was just a bad comment which I apologized for, she needed to be knocked down a peg or four million Andy!

Andy: Nina: Were you sincere when you apologized to both Joshuaa & Tyler?

Nina: Of course I was Andy! I really wanted to repair the damage I did last year and start fresh.

Andy: Tre, I understand kicking Joshuaa out of your house, but why would you kick Nina out too?

Tre: Listen, she came with Joshuaa so she can leave with IT. They want to repair the alliance, I mean “relationship” so why not let them, at another party. Also, that bitch owes me a new wine glass, but it’s all okay.

Andy: Paul, Why did you appear so uncomfortable in that lunch scene? Are you intimidated by these 3 ladies?

Paul: No I am not intimidated by the three ladies. I just felt I had lost connection to all of them. I was also very uncomfortable with Nina present and felt excluded and ambushed.

Andy: Tre and Tyler, What was going through your head when Nate asked for you both to be a part of the wedding party?

Tre: I was honored & quite shocked honestly. I mean me & Nate were getting on track when he asked, but it was good & it brought us back to where we were.

Tyler: I was thrilled. I had always loved Nate, and I thought it was a great honor.

Andy: Nina, did you intentionally want to ruin Nate’s weekend? Why did you invite that guy from the pool party to the club?

Nina: I really went in with no intentions to ruin it! I was asked to host an event this is how I make my money so of course I wasn’t going to say no I was in Vegas already.

Andy: Paul and Tyler, so after that dinner in Vegas it seems like the friendship was pretty much dead in the water after that. Where does it stand now?

Tyler: So after that dinner in Vegas it seems like the friendship was pretty much dead in the water after that. Where does it stand now? You said it best darling. Dead in the water!

Paul: Non existent. I no longer care for Tyler. She’s a snake and turned on me. She used us and plays a facade to the cameras. That’s where it stands.


Andy: What was going on Paul? We did see a different side of you this season.

Paul: Andy I recently relapsed with my drinking problem I’ve now been sober since the show aired but it was a hard time.

Joshuaa: Now it comes out

Paul: *cries* And Tyler left me at my lowest point *screams* MY BEST FRIEND!

Tyler: And I’ll say another thing, she keeps insinuating my husband’s name in every damn thing she says, I won’t be on this couch for long.

Tre: It’s okay honey. *hands Paul tissue* This is a sign of you growing!

Andy: *hands Tre a tissue for Paul* I’m so sorry to hear that… Are you doing anything now? Getting help? What does Dustin have to say?

Tyler: That isn’t true darling. You can make up any story you like, but I came to you multiple times off camera.

Nina: Crocodile tears blah blah blah

Paul: I have been getting help! At an AA group in Instagram. & I’d like to announce that I’ll be moving full time to Instagram with Dustin in the fall so this will be my last season on the show Andy.

Tre: *goes back to my seat* We gonna miss you Paul! *Blows kiss to Paul*

Andy: Well it’s been a great experience with you and you brought a lot. Thank you so much for opening your doors to home and life with us these last 2 years.

Nina: 1 down 1 to go.

Paul: Nina your getting fired, Rebecca the producer already said your on the cutting room floor honey.

Nina: The same floor your knees were on to get a spot in season 2?

Andy: Do you think they were trying to get a rise out of you and provoke you to do something physical?

Nina: I believe after last season and throughout this season the ladies saw how hot tempered I was and knew that I was an easy target to go after and try to provoke. Casey did it last season and I practically beat her ass at the defense class so that should’ve been a warning. But yes I do believe its all done intentionally.

Andy: Moving on to Paul’s trunk show, Tre what was going through your head when Joshuaa gave you the sonogram?

Tre: *rolls eyes* Who the hell carries around a sonogram in their fucking purse? Like come on now, who does that? Oh, I know, a lying bitch.


Andy: Okay this isn’t going to go down a nice path so moving on to something more cheerful and upbeat! Tyler, How is the fashion line going? When can we expect your next collection? Are you wearing a dress from your line right now?

Tyler: It’s going fabulous, thanks for asking, we’re in several major stores. Moving forward, we’re working on more collections, and maybe a store in the future. And yes darling, this dress is a Design By Tyler classic.

Andy: Did it hurt you to know that Tyler didn’t invite you to his fashion show debut?

Paul: Yes, at the time I was very hurt that someone who I once defended wouldn’t even look at me twice. Just shows true colors.

Andy: So sad to see the friendship dissolve, but I can see there’s no turning back on both ends. Moving on to another friendship that was put to the test this season Nina and Tre! Where does the relationship stand now? Are you both good?

Nina: Our friendship is broken at the moment. I mean he took a lot of digs at my intelligence this season! I don’t know what kind of friend takes aim at that!

Tre: I’m keeping my distance from her. She called me a “fucken liar” on Twitter, plus she talked bad about my show. What kind of “friend” does that? I’ve been a good, loyal friend to her & the fact she hasn’t done it to me really shows something. Anyways, we breathe the same air. Let’s say that.

The ladies begin to get restless as the insults are hurdled back and forth from couch to couch. Andy ask them a fun little question on who they would not like to see comeback for next season. As all the ladies give there answers even more drama erupts causing Tre to walk off stage and the cameras stop rolling and we see across the screen…

To Be Continued…

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