S3 — E6: The Déclassé Chef

Previously on Ladies of Twitter; Nina and Joshuaa meet up at a surgeons office where Nina admits to having some work done over the summer. We then cut to the next scene where Casey is seen telling the ladies about how she thinks Nina’s friendships aren’t real and only for the cameras. The final recap is of Casey, Joshuaa, Nina, and Tyler meeting up for a cake tasting that goes horribly wrong. Joshuaa who has had 1 too many decides to confront Tyler, meanwhile Nina confronts Casey about calling her a fake friend the two clash and the scene closes out with Nina throwing water in Casey’s face.

Stephanie & Tyler
We see the morning sunrise and people beginning to crowd the business district in the city of Twitter. The camera pans over to Stephanie making her way inside a sky rise building with 2 cups of tea. Following her we see her enter the elevator and exit on the 15th floor and she walks through double glass doors and into S.A Management Firm. She sits at her desk and begins checking her emails as she makes a call.

Stephanie: *buzz receptionist* Please let me know when Tyler arrives and escort her to my office.

Stephanie’s Interview

“Ty called me last night in tears talking about these ladies encounter yesterday. I know pregnancy hormones are real but this seemed like more if you ask me.”

Tyler: *walks in* Hello gorgeous, how are you?

Stephanie: Hey my friend! How are you? Your eyes look a little puffy. Have you been upset all morning too? *motion Ty to sit*

Tyler: Upset and sick. This is the worst pregnancy yet. *laughs and sits down*

Stephanie: I’m sorry my friend it will get better… The pregnancy that is, why are you upset? I don’t need to cut a bitch do I? Tell me whats the matter.

Tyler: Well, I went cake tasting with Joshuaa, Nina, and Casey yesterday and the whole thing went crazy. Joshuaa was upset because I hadn’t gotten to tell him about the pregnancy yet and Casey and Nina got into it. It ended with me slamming my hands down on the table, and Nina throwing her water in Casey’s face. I’m just upset about things with Joshuaa and I.

Stephanie: Why was Joshuaa upset? He wasn’t there when it was found out. It isn’t like you announced it. We all figured it out when you weren’t drinking with us.

Tyler: I think he’s upset because he can’t get pregnant.

Stephanie: Playing devils advocate, maybe you should give him the benefit of the doubt. I think it was coming from a place of hurt. But he didn’t have to take that hurt out on you.


Tyler: I know, but that still doesn’t make me the evil one…Stephanie: I totally agree. Once the dust settles, I feel like Joshuaa will apologize. I’m glad you came to vent to me.

Tyler: I hope so hun. I don’t want to ruin our amazing friendship. Thanks darling. Thanks for always being a listening ear. *hugs Steph*

Fast forward to later that evening…
Casey’s Range Rover
As the sunsets the nightlife of Uptown Twitter comes to life. The moonlight reflects off a puddle of water on the floor outside an Italian Wine Bar where a band is playing music, and we see Joshuaa in his stunning blue shirt jumpsuit as he fixes her hair he walks into the place ready for a drink or two. As a black Range Rover pulls into the valet parking we seeing Billie and Casey exiting the vehicle and walking into the wine bar as they spot Joshuaa and have a seat with him.
Joshuaa, Casey, & Billie

Joshuaa: How you doing Casey? *grins with teeth* Gurl it got bad I was wasted Billie you missed a lot!

Casey: It was BAD! I’m so mad with Nina!

Billie: What even happened!!! Fill me in sis…

Casey: Nina wanted to call me out on some of the things I’ve been saying around town.

Joshuaa: Yeah she told me you don’t think our relationship is real or something, which obviously is bs. *laughs*

Casey: She’s a pathetic little girl! After all the secrets she’s told me…

Joshuaa: Oh girl you hate her don’t you. Well I’m sure Tyler hates me now

Billie: wow so what all happened? What’s your relationship like now with Nina and Tyler?

Casey: Its nonexisit, just like her relationship with Jerry.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“Casey is hurt that’s true, but she’s just spreading gossip now which I know isn’t going to help the situation with Nina. She’ll hang her out to dry.”

Joshuaa: Basically Billie I was upset Tyler didn’t tell me he was expecting. I gave him a gift and called himout I may have said babies are overrated, but gurl I’m hurt! I’ve had two miscarriages now it’s hard for me to see someone so close to me having a baby. Casey what did you think? He was so cold towards me.


Casey: *agrees with Joshuaa* Tyler should know better! He was there during the whole miscarriage right Joshuaa? It’s uncalled for I have seen that side of Tyler so I’m not surprised with his behavior.

Billie: Oh wow. I’m so sorry I didn’t know you didn’t know.

Joshuaa: What should I do? Tyler is just sometimes very obnoxious I feel like I need to apologize.

Casey: Personally, I would say push him off a boat that way he can stay wet and hydrated, but I would say ask for an apology.

Joshuaa: Casey girl come on we need to work on that anger of yours!

Billie: I don’t think you should do anything quite frankly let him come to you.

Casey: Give him a second chance those hormones must have him not thinking clearly. *laughs*

Joshuaa: That could work I gave you one and look at us! Did you girls get invited to Stephanie’s weekend trip?

Casey: Huh? What invite? Stephanie clearly doesn’t like me…

Joshuaa: Well I was told by Nina It’s a mini trip away or something.

Billie: Yes it’s to Ojai for a little relaxation retreat. Casey why don’t you come?

Joshuaa: How dull… I just wanna have fun that’s all I work too hard to be around all this bullshit.

Casey: I think Stephanie is too nice. I don’t get good vibes from her.

The scene ends with Joshuaa heading out to a dinner date. Casey and Billie are seen talking still and laughing at the wine bar. We zoom out of the establishment and get an aerial view of the city.
City of Twitter

Casey, Stephanie, Tyler, Nina, & Kylee
The screen then flies to a shot of the outside of Kylee’s home a few evenings later followed by Kylee in the kitchen slicing and dicing various foods to make dishes for the ladies. Finally, one by one, Stephanie, Tyler, and Casey arrive to Kylee’s house and are warmly greeted at the door.
Kylee’s Interview

“I invited a few of the girls over just to see what happened since the last time I’ve seen them. Also I’m preparing a little cooking session with them just to show them what I do for a living and give them a signed copy of my new cookbook!”

Casey: Tyler we need to talk about what happened, I just want to make sure that you and I are clear about things.

Tyler: Let’s do it, Casey.

Kylee: Oh yeah I heard about that what happened?

Casey: I want to say that Nina was speaking out of her ass she is so low!

Tyler: I won’t comment on the argument that you and Nina were having, but what I will say is that her throwing that water at you was way too far and I explained that to her in the car leaving.

Kylee: She threw a drink?!

Casey: *pours a glass of champagne* It was vile of her I thought we were close. I guess I was wrong! What else has she been saying about me behind my back?

[Stephanie Interview] I haven’t had a problem with Nina at all. It’s bizarre to me to see her getting into it with all of these women.

Stephanie: Nina hasn’t said anything about you to me. *sips champs*

Kylee: I should warn you guys I did invite her, but she never responded to my text so I just assumed she wasn’t coming

Casey: Why would she? She doesn’t even know you… *sips champs*

Kylee: I don’t either that’s why I invited her to try and get to know her, but I think ignoring me says a LOT about her character.

Stephanie: I wouldn’t take it personal Kyle unless she says something negative towards you. However, I would ask the next time I see her.

[Tyler Interview] Nina ignored me the entire break between filming and this new bitch cares about her not responding to one text? Ugh.

Stephanie: I personally don’t feel like a cake tasting for her wedding was the appropriate time to air your grievances with her.

Casey’s Interview

“Stephanie just stays giving us her opinion. We don’t care. I never asked for Stephanie’s comments. Can she just observe and stay quiet?”

Casey: Lets toast to a fun night something we hardly do around this group.

Tyler: I’d agree and I’ll drink my water to that. *laughs*

Stephanie: *to Casey* Do you have a problem with me? I’ve tried to reach out to you but you stay rolling your eyes at me.

Just after Stephanie begins to speak to Casey, the doorbell rings and all of the ladies pause and look towards the door.

Tyler: Wow I wonder who could that be?

Kylee: *goes to open door* Oh? Hi Nina!

Nina: Hey! Sorry I’m late!

Casey: Stephanie if you want to talk about it? Get in line and wait for your turn to speak.

Tyler: Casey, that was a bit rude! *sees Nina* Hello Nina darling.

[Casey’s Interview] What the fuck is Nina doing here? Hold up? I thought Kylee was my friend.

Stephanie Abbott: *to Casey* Wait my turn? How old are we?

Kylee: *whispers to Casey* I literally didn’t even know she was coming she didn’t even call to RSVP.

Casey: It’s called being civilized and having manners, Stephanie.

Tyler: She wasn’t uncivilized though darling.

Stephanie: I’m sorry ladies but I’m sick and tired of Casey always rolling her eyes at me and being rude. So if you have something to say, Say it.

Nina: *goes and hugs Steph* what are you upset love? What’s the matter?

Casey: I don’t know you Stephanie and I’m not going to act like I do! That’s it! I get fake vibe from you and you always bring presents like your the next Oprah! What’s next we all get cars?!?!

Stephanie: *to Nina and Tyler* This girl is trying it do you think it fazes me that you think I am fake? Maybe you just aren’t used to having quality friends.

Tyler: That’s just how Stephanie is though, Casey. She gives gifts all the time it’s who she is lay off it. Clearly she’s real if she’s saying the shit to your face.


Nina: Don’t let the Spanish fly get under your skin she’s not worth it.

Kylee: Guys can we please just not I want to make food for you guys.

Casey: *laughs* Wow Nina you’re low and annoying. Kylee this is just wrong why did you invite the trash here?

Stephanie: *to Nina* You’re right nothing but trash. Always trying to be in the middle of something.

Casey: *pulls Kylee* can we talk outside maybe? Just us two?

Kylee: Yeah sure. *walks out with Casey*

Casey: This is uncalled for I didn't come here to be attacked. I wanted to make food and laugh all night, but I can’t with her here either she leaves or I do…

Kylee: Casey I’m so sorry this is happening like I didn’t even know she was coming and I’m so like not okay with the fighting and I honestly think those who can’t behave should go home! Let me handle this.

Casey: Thank you Kylee I love you! Let’s get back in there I bet they are talking shit about us…

Meanwhile back in the house…

Stephanie: I’ve said my peace I don’t have to talk behind your back. So unless you want to address some shit now, you can keep your damn eye rolling and irrelevant comments to your damn self. That bitch has lost her damn mind. I’m nice as can be but don’t cross me.

Tyler: I know Steph. Don’t let her get you down.


Stephanie: Kylee, who are you talking about? I understand you are trying to protect Casey but her actions brings these things upon herself.


Nina: Awe did Casey take you outside to cry about being the victim and to kick me out? *looks at Kylee*



Tyler: I mean Casey, you can be rude with Stephanie at times.

Casey: Tyler don’t get into something you weren’t part of.. Please!

Stephanie: Well Casey you didn’t have a problem pulling Kyle into it.

Tyler: I’m allowed to voice my opinion. Don’t tell me to stay out of it.

Casey: Because this is Kyle’s home! It’s not fair.

Nina: *grabs Gucci bag and walks out* YOU’RE DONE IN TWITTER KYLEE!!!


Tyler: Stop yelling please darling just raise words not your volume.

Casey: Stephanie I can’t with you stop trying so hard to be liked by everyone. You’re low class and desperate honey stop embarrassing yourself.

Stephanie: I don’t have to try to be liked. It’s comes natural.

Nina’s Interview

“Casey comes back to Twitter and thinks she can play puppet master. Kylee is one dumb trick. I’m so over her she’s dead to me along with her failing cookbook and social status.”


Stephanie Abbott: *to Kylee* Thank you for the invite I can’t wait to try some of your recipes but I’m leaving. It’s unfortunate that you let Casey use your friendship as a method to attack others today. Casey, I understand you might be having a tough time and all but I’m not your enemy.

Tyler: Wow Okay! I’m gone *walks out slamming the door behind him with Stephanie by his side*

Casey: Shut up Stephanie. Go drink chlorine. It might shine you up.

Kylee’s Interview

“I HATE getting that angry but fighting in my home is NOT acceptable. I’m so disappointed in myself to have to have stooped so low after trying to make amends with Nina but I’m Italian I get fired up. But I get over it quickly too.”

Kylee: Casey, I love you like a sister but please leave. I need to lie down.

Casey: *to Kylee* this was so uncalled for! We will talk about this later. Bye!

As the scene comes to a close, we see Kylee stand up and lock her front door behind Casey before sinking down into a chair in her living room, clearly exhausted from the hectic evening. Outside the home we see Tyler, Stephanie, and Nina standing by waiting for the limo to show up as they wait Nina lightens the mood with imitating Kylee’s angry face and screaming as Tyler and Stephanie laugh along. Casey then is seen walking out rolling her eyes towards them as she passes right by them to her car and speeds off.