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Ladies of Twitter
Oct 18, 2017 · 14 min read

Previously on Ladies of Twitter; The recap begins with the bus ride to Ojai and Nina blatantly ignoring Joshuaa the whole 4 hour ride to Ojai. Next, the ladies arrive to Ojai Vineyard where we see the ladies touring the vineyard with their eye candy tour guide Alex. After the tour the ladies meet in the wine tasting room where the drama starts up with Nina and Joshuaa that continues on into the home later that evening. Clips are shown of the home and then it cuts to Casey and Joshuaa in the restroom getting ready and Joshuaa revealing the photos of Jerry with another woman sent to him by Danielle. Finally, we cut to the dinner scene where we see Joshuaa, Nina, and Billie all going at it. The recap ends with Joshuaa and Stephanie on a morning hike and him looking for advice from her on now to move on with the information.

Billie, Kylee, & Jerika

The scene cuts to the freshly cut greens of the Twitter Country Club just a few minutes away from the busy city. We focus on Billie walking into a restaurant in the clubhouse alongside Kylee who lives in the community. The camera the cuts to a black limo rolling into the valet area and the driver running around to open the door and out pops an unfamiliar face sporting a fur coat and t-shirt dress underneath. She wants in and spots Billie and Kylee off by the window watching the golfers play she walks over to greet them before having a seat at at the table.

“I’m so excited to be catching up with my good friend Jerika. She’s is super fun and very opinionated like myself. I can’t wait to fill her in on all the drama I hope Kylee loves her as much as I do. This should be interesting.” *laughs*

They order drinks and appetizers as the conversations begin flowing and Kylee finds out that Jerika is the editor-in-chief of Twitter Magazine one of the towns most notorious magazines for spreading gossip and exposing some of the most elite people in Twitter. The conversation then takes an ugly turn as the topic of conversation changes to Nina and Jerry’s relationship.

Jerika (Billie’s Friend): There is TOO much stuff happening in this town honey, I don’t even know where to begin!

Kylee: Do you know anything about Nina & Jerry’s issues?

Billie: You know the football player Jerry?

Jerika: I don’t know much about Nina and Jerry’s issues, but I have a LOT of dirt on Nina. Trust me, you do not want to get me started on Nina! She is a liar, cheater, and she is 100% whoring herself out to afford her lavish lifestyle

Kylee: Jerika honey you have to spill! She has sugar daddies?

Jerika: I think it’s much worse. Having a sugar daddy is one thing, but being a flat out prostitute is MUCH worse. *sips water*

Kylee: *mouth drops* She’s a prostitute?!

Billie: Yeah I knew she wasn’t only sleeping with Jerry. There’s no way his football career is supporting her phony lifestyle… I know his ass is sticking it in other girls. Nina has been worn out by everyone in Twitter bitch.

Jerika: So, word on the street is that when Nina and Jerry started having money troubles, Jerry convinced Nina to sleep with one of his friends who offered to help them with some money… it was just supposed to be short term, but now she’s turned it into a full time job!

Kylee: So basically, she’s a prostitute, they’re poor, and they’re whole engagement is fake?

Jerika: I don’t know if I would call her a prostitute, but yes she sleeps with whoever Jerry tells her to sleep with. They were poor, now that she’s a hooker she’s LOADED, but I think their engagement is real.

The ladies continue chatting about everyone else in the group grilling Jerika for any info they can get on someone. Jerika informs them that she has no negative dirt on any of the other ladies besides Nina. Kylee let’s Jerika know that Jac and Nina are close so immediately Jerika says she wouldn’t get along with someone who is fair up a golddiggers ass like that. The scene comes to a close with the ladies still chatting and laughing with one another.

Later That Evening…

Joshuaa, Danielle, Billie, Casey, Jac, & Kylee

We see Joshuaa arriving to the building where he is hosting a Paint & Sip charity night for some of the ladies in town. As the room begins to fill up with ladies we see Joshuaa greeting everyone by the entrance. Casey arrives with Billie as they walk in and make their way to the bar. Kylee is seen walking in alone and mingling with a group of ladies. Jac also arrives alone and heads to the bar where she is seen talking to a mutual friend. The group finally gathers by the bar as Joshuaa explains what the cause is for and who the money will be going to. Lastly, Danielle arrives and dramatic music begins to play as she makes her way towards the group of ladies to her good friend Joshuaa.

“If you didn’t know already, I’m about to take the title off of Tyler for Charity Queen in Twitter! Today I’m hosting a paint and sip event for a charity close to my families heart, I’ve not invited all the ladies as it’s just too tense right now! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and to connect!”

Danielle: Hellooo, ladies! Ahh, it is Joshuaa! *hugs*

Joshuaa: HELLOO LADIES! For you that do not know this is my bff Danielle! We basically grew up together! Now ladies let’s paint and sip some drankssss but first please do check all over the space and see what you’re here for today!

“Joshuaa is throwing a paint & sip event tonight that he invited some of the ladies to. Since I know Billie was invited we’ll be spilling the tea on what Jerika told us since I know Nina wasn’t invited. I also heard that a friend of Joshuaa’s who doesn’t like Nina, Danielle, will be coming. I’m excited to meet her.”

Kylee: Oh hi Jac, I couldn’t see you behind Nina’s shadow.

Jac: Really Kylee this is a charity event? I’m here to show support everything I’ve been going through lately.

Kylee: Oh wow, you think of that all by yourself? I thought you would need Nina your puppet master here to tell you what to say.

“Yes I am donating tonight. I don’t want a fiasco like the other time. But I find it uncomfortable when Joshuaa sort of just starts off by saying give me your money first, and then we can have fun!”

Casey: Kylee girl do you need a xanax or something you really need to chill out, it isn’t even that serious.

Danielle: Well, being that Nina’s name has been brought up. I can vouch that’s she’s the biggest bitch I know. Anyone close to her falls right under that category as well.

Casey: *turns to Billie* Didn’t you tell me you spoke to someone about Nina?

Billie: Casey yes I did girl. It was my good friend Jerika. She is such a mess and definitely a spit of fireball like me she talked about your good friend Nina, Jac. She basically said she was a prostitution whore, and she uses men for money and Jerry allows it. Also they’re going broke and this is their only income.

Jac: WHAT??

Joshuaa: OH PLEASE!

Billie: I find it ironic that Nina can come for my friend Casey and accuse her for having a sugar daddy, but she could have one herself.

Casey: *to Billie* Thank you and I LOVE you! It is such a harsh thing she would say such a thing!

“Everything has a sugar daddy in Twitter apparently. Hash-tag the lies, the deception and the trickery.”

Danielle: Well I have a bone to pick with Nina as well, I just have heard from someone who I won’t name that she’s a gold digger. Nina is trifling and she is cheating on Jerry. She isn’t who she is claiming to be he has upgraded her entire lifestyle. She’s fake as hell and let’s just say Jerry is not the only guy she’s playing right now. I’ll end it with WATCH YOUR BACK!

[Jac’s Interview] Another bitch who doesn’t like Nina!? I must have a poor judge in character and in friendships.

Jac: *to Joshuaa * what do you think about all of this?

Joshuaa: Jac girl please I don’t have anything but tea I’ll only spill to the right people and that’s not you.

Billie: This is too much for me!!! *laughs*

Danielle: EVERYONE its okay though Jerry is marrying me instead..

Joshuaa: GIRLS calm down she is only kidding! *laughs*

Joshuaa then announces that the painting portion of the night was going to begin so everyone needed to be in a seat so the instructor could begin, but Jac pulls Casey and Billie aside for a quick chat.

Jac: Casey and Billie can I grab you two before anything crazy else happens. I wanted to start by saying that I feel like when I met you girls we started off on a really good note, but then things got really messy with the whole Nina thing. Billie, you and I had our own BS but I want to move on with you two. Guys, my dog of 12 years the dog Tom got me when we were 16 and just started dating died and it’s really put things into perspective. *tears up*

Billie: I love the apology Jac, I agree me and you started off real rocky but I do genuinely want to move forward with you. I’m extremely sorry for the loss of your dogs. Is there anything I can do?

[Casey’s Interview] *begins to sing* hallelujah hallelujah. All it took was the death of her own dog for her eyes open to the reality of life. Wow. Just. Wow.

Casey: OH my! I’m so sorry for your loss Jac! I agree we do need to move forward, and I’m willing to with you!

Jac: Thank you Billie and Casey! Look things have been difficult. That’s why I wasn’t able to go to Ojai with you guys but I know Oskar would’ve wanted me to move on and in his honor I want to host a little doggy funeral/celebration of life party and I want you both to be there!

Billie and Casey: Girl we will be there for you! *hugs Jac*

Joshuaa: ALRIGHT LADIES it is painting time let’s do this THANG!!

Casey: Let’s go paint some dicks or mountains whichever you prefer! *winks*


The scene comes to a close with all the ladies sitting next to each other painting on the canvases. Casey is seen being naughty and paint penises on her canvas as Billie and Jac look on laughing. Jac and Danielle are seen drinking some wine while concentrating on painting a sunflower. Kylee is seen sitting in the very last row away from the rest of the ladies texting away not having fun.

A Few Days Later…

Tyler, Nina, Jac, & Stephanie

The scene fast forwards a few days and then cuts to Tyler walking into a baby boutique with Stephanie. A few minutes later Nina and Jac are seen walking in and greeting the other ladies. They browse around the shop as they talk about what’s been going on in each other’s lives. Jac let’s them know what happen at Joshuaa’s Paint & Sip and how the topic of conversation was Nina. She also let’s them know about her upcoming dog funeral and celebration of life.

“With my bun in the oven, I’ve decided to bring the ladies to a baby boutique! Let’s hope for a fun and drama free shopping day.”

“I’m meeting up with my gorgeous girls to do some baby shopping for Ty! Aaah so cute. Unfortunately I’m the bearer of bad news today and need to spill on the bullshit that was Joshuaas event.” *rolls eyes*

Nina: Girl I’m so sorry about your dog! I saw your Instagram post! She’s in doggy heaven now.

Tyler: Oh, I saw that as well, I’m sorry Jac honey.

Stephanie: Jac we sure missed you in Ojai. Sorry for your loss.

Jac: Well speaking of Oskar I’m hosting a little doggy funeral/celebration of life party. I was planning on having all the girls there but after the shenanigans that took place at Joshuaa’s event I’m hesitant…

Nina: What event? *looks confused*

[Tyler’s Interview] Event? I certainly didn’t get an invite, thanks friend!

Jac: He hosted a Paint & Sip Charity event the other day and it was nothing but drama drama drama! Nina, do you know some girl Danielle?

Tyler: Eww. That hoe?

Nina: I know of her yes that’s s close friend of Jerry and Joshuaa’s from their childhood.

Jac: Let me start by saying I walked into the event and it was daggers from that old washed up cook Kylee.

Nina: Oh god seriously who is Kylee Everett in this world? What did she say?

Jac: Well her and Billie were pretty much saying you are a prostitution whore, you are a gold digger, you cheat on Jerry and that Jerry is okay with it and that Jerry will never marry you.

Stephanie: *open mouth* The fucking nerve of some people!

Jac: Danielle was definitely on the wines.

Nina: Where is Billie getting this from that old dirtbag has no friends.

Jac: Well you know Jerika…the editor and chief of Twitter magazine. HER!

Nina: That tabloid jokester! No one takes that hoe serious.

[Tyler’s Interview] Do I know of Jerika? Yes. She does anything to sell a story. And I’ve seen that time and time again in this town.

Nina: Like I’ve done nothing wrong!!! They hate me because I’m young and pretty and rich. I’ve done nothing to these tired women WHO don’t even know me. *starts crying*

“Like it truly hurts my feelings so much that these ladies will stoop to such lows to try and bring me down. I can’t be around them anymore this is too much stress and I don’t need this.”

The ladies gather around Nina to console her as she wipes away the tears from her eyes. They reassure her and tell her to not let it bother her and give her hugs. After a while of talking some more the ladies start shopping around picking items for Tyler that they end up purchasing before leaving the store.

The town of Twitter is shown over with its famous and iconic skyline. We head to a high skyrise in the downtown area. We are taken on a tour of Billie’s penthouse before the camera cuts back to her in the kitchen making margaritas for Casey and Jerika.

“Tonight I’m having my good friend Casey over to meet my best friend Jerika. They both despise Nina, and are both feisty I love them both. Now I just hope they like each other. I hope this rose can do something.”

Casey: I have this lovely gift for you! Its something for the bar and something for your neck you’re going to love it!

Billie: Casey you really shouldn’t have. Omg you’re such a sweet friend. I love your friendship. Thanks for always having my back.

Casey: I love you! I want to become closer friends with you now since I’m on my own its hard. I have my son but he’s ready to leave the home.

Jerika (Billie’s Friend): *rings doorbell* Hello, is anyone home?

Billie: JERIKA!! It’s so LOVELY TO SEE YOU!!

Jerika: Hi Billie how are you? Here, I brought a bottle of rosé! *hands bottle*

Billie: Thanks honey you and Casey know how to DO it! Let me tell you I’m so glad you two could meet. So Jerika this is Casey, Casey this is Jerika.

Jerika: Hi Casey, it’s so nice to meet you. So, am I late? Did I miss anything interesting?

Billie: So Casey, Jerika doesn’t care for Nina at all. I’ve kinda told her about the ladies. Is there anything you should tell her about, that I do not know…

Casey: Oh my god! She spread so many stories around saying I had sugar daddies Nina is our of her mind! Jerika what do you know about this girl? I hear you’re the owner of Twitter Magazine?

Jerika: That’s funny since I’ve been hearing people saying shes the one with sugar daddies. I have not heard anything good about Nina, that’s for sure. In fact, I’ve heard a lot about hear, and word on the street is she’s nothing but a triffling gold digger!

Casey: Triffling gold digger? What a disaster! WOW!

“Let me recreate the scene for you all, hi I’m Casey, hi I’m Jerika, lovely home, gift gift, NINA IS A TRIFFLING GOLD DIGGER!”

Billie: Wait I have to change this topic real quick, Casey why was Joshuaa and Kylee getting into it?

Casey: Honestly can’t remember. I feel like Kylee is always trying to voice some opinion she needs to chill out!

Billie: Kylee is always trying to out scream someone. It’s obnoxious, but in all honesty she’s fun and crazy as hell.

The topic changes back to Nina and now Jac is being thrown in the mix. Jerika sits back and ask Billie to pop open the bottle of rose so they can sip and gossip some more. Billie and Casey tell Jerika they believe Jac is just Nina’s lapdog and puppet doing all her dirty work. Billie expresses how she thinks Jac’s apology at the charity event was fake and rehearsed. As the night continues on the ladies move over to Billie’s theater room and relax in the comfy seats to watch a movie and the scene ends with the ladies laughing and eating popcorn.

Ladies of Twitter

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Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Season 6 is currently airing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8/7c.

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