S4 — E12: By Invitation Only

(L to R): Lauralie, Joshuaa, Tyler, Jac, Stephanie, Jerika

City of Twitter
Jac, Joshuaa, Stephanie
The scene opens up with upbeat music as we get various shots of the ladies heading towards downtown in separate cars. One by one we see them arriving at a lounge bar and greeting each other with hugs and air kisses. They are shown complimenting each others looks and chit chatting about work, family, and the latest hot topic the Twitter Fashion Week after party.

Joshuaa: Ladies what happened the other night!

Stephanie: Y’all that party…

Jac: Ugh *rolls eyes* what a disaster!

Joshuaa: Tyler is mad at me. Jac I’m sorry I couldn’t make your show you got my email RSVP right?

Jac: Oh girl don’t be silly. I got your email it’s all good love!

Joshuaa: Tyler didn’t get mine apparently…

Jac: Steph I’m glad you went to Tyler’s. I feel bad that most of the girls came to mine instead of his show…

Stephanie: I’m glad you understand Jac.

Jac: But what happened between you and Ty? I was too busy dealing with a pest that infiltrated the party.

Joshuaa: He just was in a bad mood.

Stephanie: His feelings were just hurt but he should have been nicer to you.

Flashbacks are shown of Joshuaa trying to engage in conversation with Tyler who would give him short one word answers or ignore him completely. We also see a moment where Joshuaa went to sit next to Tyler who immediately gets up and leaves the couch and is seen mingling with other party goers.

Joshuaa: Hes had a bad attitude for a while now I’m not here for it.

Jac: Look I’ve definitely seen a change in his behavior.

Joshuaa: Tyler needs to recognize who’s been there for him…


Stephanie: I totally get that. Tyler shows was great too I was so proud of him and on that note… I was thinking us ladies need to get away from Twitter for a bit so why not have a girls trip to Paris!

Jac’s Interview

“ Paris! The city of love with a group of bitches I hate… Just kidding!” *laughs*

Jac: We need a good vacation I’d love to go! Hopefully this time I can get stoned and not hear about it for months afterwards.

Stephanie: Agreed Jac that went way to far.

Joshuaa: Amazing honey I’ll be there most definitely!

Stephanie: I just feel like it could be fun for us. Everything is already planned.

The ladies are so filled with excitement for Paris and after a few drinks to loosen them up we see Joshuaa stand and sit on Jac’s lap and lay a big smooch on her lips as Stephanie watches in shock. Jac then says “If I knew this was the type of friendship we’d have I would’ve apologized a long time ago.” They all laugh and then we see Joshuaa move along and hop onto Stephanie’s lap and says “shall we?” Stephanie then goes in for a kiss and Jac is shown giggly on the side as the scene comes to a close and we get an aerial shot of the city.
Jac’s Interview

“ Oh my god the people at this bar must be thinking what is wrong with these bipolar bitches. One minute their talking about fashion show fights then Paris then locking lips. Well to those people I say, we’re the Ladies of Twitter.”

A Few Days Later…
Tyler’s Interview

“ Today I‘m meeting with Roxy. I want to get to actually talk to her without the bullshit and arguing that follows her around.”

Tyler, Roxy

Roxy: HELLO! *hugs Tyler*

Tyler: Hello, you look lovely.

Roxy: Same to you how goes it?

Tyler: I’m well business is booming and designing the store is looking great! I thought I’d ask you to come since we never really got to chat at the after party.

Roxy: Aw, how sweet. So you’re a fashion designer too?

Tyler: I do a big part of the designing, obviously I do have help too, but yeah. Then I’m opening a store soon as well over on 5th Avenue.

Roxy: Very nice! Hopefully I can come in one day I love shopping!

Tyler: Tell me about yourself as well…


Roxy: *chugs wine* Yes! So I am first and foremost a stepmom, my husband has two sons who he has full custody of. We live in the gated community of Twitter Estates, and also have a summer house right on Twitter Beach. We own a real estate firm Roberts LLC, which sells and rents residential and commercial properties all over the city. I was the first woman to the be the #1 real estate salesperson for five consecutive years. It was kind of my claim to fame, then when my husband won his custody battle I dedicated myself to being a full-time mommy to a 4 and 5 year old, but I am so ready to get back to the hustle and bustle not that they’re grown and in school.


Tyler: That’s fabulous darling I love your story! I love hearing about another successful businesswoman. I have all girls, twins that are about to be teenagers, one that’s slightly younger, and a baby that’s not even a year old. And of course, our husbands are our biggest babies, right? *laughs* Adam is a plastic surgeon though, he does a great job. Then I have Design By Tyler with the boutique opening soon.

Roxy: Very nice! Congrats on the baby, you look great! Raising kids, having a good relationship with your husband, and maintaining a career is TOUGH!

Tyler: Thanks. I did have a mommy makeover, but I got in shape by myself before the makeover. Absolutely! Such hard jobs we have.

Roxy: Anyways, in terms of this group who are you close with? I was appalled by all the drama at the after party the other day! That was my first time meeting all of these ladies.

Tyler: I am close with Jac, Stephanie, Nina, and Joshuaa. Joshuaa and I got into it a bit last night, but at the end of the day, I will always love our friendship. Jerika and I haven’t necessarily gotten along of late and Lauralie I was close to, but we have had some bumps as well. I want to be friends with everyone though. I just love peace and friendship.

Roxy: I agree friends are much easier to deal with than enemies. *laughs* It seems as though the people I am friends with are not your biggest fans and vice versa hopefully we can help each other improve that.

Tyler: I’d agree, I was getting to become very good friends with Lauralie. She just made some comments that didn’t sit well with me about me.

Roxy: Lauri can be a bitch. I have known her for a while now, she thinks she is so prim and proper, but trust me I have seen her at her worst. If you can get into that hard shell exterior, you will find a warm and loving heart. *waves down server for another drink*

Roxy then ask Tyler what was said between him and Lauralie and Tyler goes into full details about the accusation of him using drugs by her. Roxy says that she’ll have to talk to Lauralie about that and then says Tyler should talk to Jac after her attacks at the after party as she downs her last glass of wine. We cut to ladies walking out of the restaurant and to valet to retrieve their vehicles and the scene ends with some air kisses and hugs as both ladies go about their daily routine.

Later That Day…
Twitter Hills
Stephanie, Lauralie, Jerika
As the scene transitions from Tyler’s meeting with Roxy we see a beautiful shot of the Twitter Hills as we come into focus on a familiar house. The camera cuts to interior shots of the modern chic decor, then Stephanie pops into the scene as she is shown setting up the counter in a array of delicious finger foods with the help of her housekeeper who is shown sampling the food to make sure it is perfect.
Stephanie’s Interview

“ It’s almost time for Paris I simply can’t wait. Planning this trip has been so much fun, hopefully these ladies accept my invite. It should be a good time to bond and mend some relationships, but who the hell am I kidding I’m sure someone will loses a wig.”

Laurlie is shown arriving to Stephanie’s and knocking on the door. Stephanie answers and greets her with a hug and brings her to the kitchen where the set up is ready to go for her guest.

Stephanie: Hey Lauralie! Welcome to my chateau! Jerika should be here soon. Would you like a mimosa, tea, coffee, water?

Lauralie: Hello Stephanie, your house looks beautiful! It’s very élégant chic I love what you’ve done with the decor! Yes, please a mimosa will do.

Stephanie: I know we don’t really know each other but I want to change that.

Lauralie: Yeah, I would like that. So how it’s going? I haven’t seen you since that Twitter Gala a few weeks ago.

Lauralie’s Interview

“Unfortunately I got sick couple days ago, but I feel much better. I was surprised when Stephanie invited me over and then said she wanted to get to know me. Wait? Do I know her already? To be honest, we never had a one-on-one conversation, so it will be great to get this time to do so.”

Stephanie: It has been since then… How have you been?

Lauralie: I got the flu I don’t know if you heard, but I feel better now.

Stephanie: I’m so glad you feel better. *hears door open*

Jerika is shown walking into the kitchen area with a smile across her face as she sees both Stephanie and Lauralie.

Stephanie: Hey Jerika come sit with us.

Jerika: Hi girls! *hugs both ladies* Are you feeling better Lauralie? We missed you at Fashion Week.

Lauralie: Jerika you just look as fabulous as ever. *turns back to Steph* Yeah, I’m still on medication, but I feel better. How was it? Too bad that I missed it.

Stephanie: It was a fun time.

Lauralie: Did Roxy behave? *laughs*

The conversation continues as Stephanie explains that she didn’t attend Jac’s show due to prior commitments to Tyler’s show. Jerika rolls her eyes as she begins explaining to the ladies how Roxy was behaving during the fashion show and after party. She tells them about the other ladies blaming Jerika for bringing in Roxy into the group and about her attacking multiple ladies and especially Jac.
Jerika’s Interview

“I’m really confused by Roxy. She totally attacked me the first night we met and then she was up my ass at Fashion week. She’s just doing whatever it takes to stay relevant and I cannot respect that.”

Stephanie: I’ll say Roxy was explosive at the after party I was shocked.

Lauralie: Oh she’s crazy! Sometimes, I wonder how did I put up with her.

Jerika: There was so much going on, my head was spinning!

Stephanie: I just tried to ignore all the drama. A lot of notable fashion people were at that party I felt bad for Jac and Tyler.

Lauralie: How’s your life going, Steph? We never had a chance to talk about you. I remember that you were going through a lot. Is everything okay now?

Stephanie: Yes Lauralie everything is great. I wanted to invite both of you to Paris with the other girls and I. It’s going to be a fun time.


Jerika: Oh my god! I love Paris of course I’m up for a girls trip!

Lauralie: With pleasure!

The scene ends with Lauralie suggesting that she can show the group around since she is from Paris, Stephanie smiles and says that would be great! Just then Stephanie’s assistant calls them outdoors to have lunch on the patio. The ladies are seen making their way towards the beautifully decorated table as we zoom out of the scene and the screen goes black.

Twitter International Airport
The scene begins with various shots of the 6 ladies saying goodbye to their families as they’re getting picked up to head to the airport for the infamous girls trip! We see Stephanie kissing Quinn goodbye, Tyler in the middle of a group hug from all his children, Lauralie reading off a list of things to do to her daughters as she walks out to the town car, Jac giving Tom a long kiss goodbye, Jerika petting her dog and giving him a hug, and finally Joshuaa embracing and kissing his husband. The ladies begin to arrive one by one to the terminal where they await each other so they can board the plane.
Stephanie, Tyler, Lauralie, Jac, Jerika, Joshuaa

Tyler: *walks up to Steph* Bonjour! I’m ready for France!

Stephanie: Bonjour honey! *hugs Ty*

Jac: Hello ladiessssss

Stephanie: Jac by Jac Carter!

Joshuaa: Hello girls! Oh it’s so early!

Jerika: Bonjour ladies who’s ready for some crazy days in Paris!

Stephanie: Are y’all excited for some fun in Paris?

Jac: I can’t believe Nina isn’t coming! *frowns*

Lauralie: *arrives at airport* Hi Ladies. How are you?

Jac’s Interview

“ Is it me or does Lauralie look a like she’s doing the walk of shame? Hmmmm… I wonder where she came from.” *laughs*

Stephanie: We’re all here I see leave your bags here they will take them to the plane let’s go ladies! Follow me.

The cameras show the group of ladies checking into their flight… We cut to home video footage that is shot by Stephanie of all the ladies getting situated in their seats in first class for the long flight ahead.
First Class

Jac: *sits down in private section* Now this is what I’m talking about!

Jerika: This is gorgeous! Wow Stephanie you really outdid yourself here!

Joshuaa: Now this is how a lady of Twitter travels! Yes honey in style!

Jac: Now all I need is a wine and Xanax and your girl is ready to fly. *laughs*

Stephanie: Wine is on deck, we also have some mimosas and breakfast. Can’t forget something good to eat.

Lauralie’s Interview

“ I’m tired, so I don’t give a damn if I’m in first class or not. I need sleep!”

The flight attendant announce that they will departing shortly so for everyone to sit back relax and enjoy they flight… Next stop PARIS! We see some footage from Jac’s phone of the other ladies relaxing, some sleeping, or reading. Joshuaa and Stephanie get out of their seats and do a little twerk as the other ladies laugh quietly trying not to wake Lauralie who is knocked out cold with her eye mask and earphones on as we transition to Stephanie’s interview then a break.
Stephanie’s Interview

“Lauralie must be tired. You would think she would be more excited about going home to where she is from. I guess not.” *sips wine*

10 Hours Later…
Paris, France
Shangri-La Hotel
10 hours later the ladies arrive to Paris and are picked up by the hotel shuttle van. They make their way through the city to one of Paris’s most elegant and luxurious hotels Shangri-La Hotel. At the entrance they’re welcomed by the manager of the hotel who escorts Stephanie off to the presidential suite before she extends an invite to all the all the ladies for drinks on her terrace.

Stephanie: Ladies I want you all to my room for drinks! So get settled into your rooms and come up to my suite the view is amazing! Au revoir ladies!

Stephanie’s suite
The other ladies are shown being lead to their rooms by bellboys who help them with all their luggage. We see Tyler arriving at the second suite that Stephanie specifically reserved for him.
Tyler’s room

Tyler: I adore this room the blue and yellow! *jumps into the bed*

The camera cuts back to the remaining four ladies walking down the hallway.

Jerika: This is the exact place my ex would bring his side pieces to! *laughs*

Joshuaa: So French chic! Oh la la bitch!

Jac: Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Lauralie: I’ve seen better…

The screen split four ways as Joshuaa, Jac, Jerika, and Lauralie each get identical rooms all down the same hallway.
Jerika, Lauralie, Joshuaa, and Jac’s room
Now that everyone is in their rooms the screen flips back and forth from each lady as they are shown doing multiple things. We see Tyler on FaceTime with Adam and his children, Stephanie is typing away on her laptop, Jerika is setting up all her outfits for the week, Lauralie is in the restroom fluffing up her hair, Jac is shown taking a selfie, and Joshuaa is thrown on the bed taking a little nap.

Later That Evening…
As day transitions to night we see each of the ladies getting ready to head up to Stephanie’s presidential suite for some drinks on her terrace with a spectacular view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower and an official welcome toast to their girls trip.
Stephanie, Joshuaa, Jac, Lauralie, Tyler, Jerika

Stephanie: Hey! Come enjoy the view ladies!

Joshuaa: Steph you look great girl glowing!

Stephanie: Thanks Joshuaa your breast could save the world.

Jac: This view is amazing! I bet you wish Quinn was here not us. *laughs*

Stephanie: Thanks Jac. Nope. He’s great where he is.

Jerika: Hello ladies. I just had to put on something comfortable. I think I’m in the beginning stages of jet leg.

Tyler: Hi Jerika hun. Still look great and I feel that. I’m pooped as well.

Joshuaa: I feel like me and Steph made the most effort tonight *laughs* come on ladies we’re in Paris!

Tyler’s Interview

“Watch out ladies we’ve got the fashion police in town and one tit is the size of her head.” *laughs*

Lauralie: Hi ladies!

Jac: Girl gone *stands up* A hawt bitch can put minimal effort into her attire and still slay. *twirl* Lauralie! That dress is so pretty fits you like a glove!

Jerika: I didn’t know we were dressing up to come to the presidential suite girls…

Jac: I would like to make a toast! *hands out champagne*

Jerika’s Interview

“First Joshuaa insults my choice of clothes to wear to cocktails in Stephanie’s room, now Jacqueline carter is giving a toast. I hope this is no Indication on how this trip is going to be.”

Jac’s phone begins to ring and it’s her mother calling so she steps away, in which Stephanie takes the floor to give her speech and welcomes the ladies to Paris and cheers to minimal drama, fun, and love! Jac then cuts in and says she’s been to Paris so many times she can’t wait to show the ladies around. Lauralie then says she would like to say something and all the ladies fall silent.

Lauralie: Well I also would like to make a toast, because I love Paris. This is where I lived for years. I thought that we could visit my hometown Reims. You could meet my family and try our champagne.

Jac: That sounds amazing Lauralie! I can’t wait to see where you grew up!

Stephanie: I’m excited about this trip. It’s going to be so much fun. *listens to Lauralies toast* Anyway, let the fun begin.

Lauralie: Please don’t wear anything with cleavage I don’t want my mother to get a heart attack. *laughs*

The scene ends with the ladies cheering and the Eiffel Tower glistening in the background as the scene ends.

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