S4 — E15: Glitter Is a Girl’s Best Friend

(L to R): Lauralie, Joshuaa, Tyler, Jac, Stephanie, Jerika

Two Weeks Later
The scene opens with various shots of the city as people are shown going about their day to day lives. We see Jac and Joshuaa walking into a familiar place and then it cuts to the them exiting the elevator. They walk up to the hotel room door and Nina opens it as the three ladies squeal with excitement from seeing each other. Nina welcomes them in they all hug and give kisses, then she serves them some cheese and wine as they sit on the couch and begin to chat all about Paris.
Joshuaa, Jac, Nina

Nina: BITCHES!!!! Come in!

Joshuaa: Biiiiitch, look at you!

Nina thanks Joshuaa and twirls
Jac’s Interview

“My girl is back and looking better than ever. Look at the snatchedness of Ms Nina!”

Jac: Your ass looks so good.

Joshuaa: Nina gurl you missed so much, lemme tell you!

Nina: I saw the photos! It looked gorgeous!

Joshuaa: It was a mess.

Jac: So much happened!

Joshuaa: Jac left me on the boat with a bunch of witches, lets start there and work our way back. *laughs *

Nina: What the fuck?

Jac begins to tear up and takes a breath, Nina hugs her and comforts her.

Jac: So we’re on this boat that Steph organised for us for our final night in Paris and I’ve just finished announcing to the girls that I’m designing an exclusive line for Harrods in London that I’d decided to name, Jac by Jac Carter presents the Tyler Newman Scott collection, as a way to thank Tyler for his investment in my company… The next thing you know he lets me know for the first time in front of all the girls that he’s pulling his investment!

Nina: NO!!! *looks at Joshuaa*

Joshuaa: I know, honestly it was awful. Tyler has no heart.

Nina: What is going on with this group? Tyler is so vicious now!

Joshuaa: Steph was in on it also, we went at it too. She’ll do anything for a paycheck!

Nina: Why?

Joshuaa: Well I was being attacked by Jerika and Lauralie the two bores of Twitter and im sticking uo or myself and mention Jerika’s ex-husband and all of a sudden silent steph finds a voice and goes at me!

Nina: *laughs* I saw Quin out the other night with some young girl they were at that Italian restaurant on 5th and Howard. *sips* but that ain’t none of my business…

Jac: *spits out wine* WHAT!!

Joshuaa: Steph don’t even know that Jerika is about to print a huge story on her being a lesbian before she comes out, that’s the tea honey.

Nina gasps and asks about Stephanie’s true sexuality as Jac agrees with what Joshuaa says about her.

Joshuaa: You didn’t know? Out and proud honey!

Joshuaa’s Interview

“Steph will rule the day she turned her back on me. A real friend.”

Jac: This group is so divided right now its so ridiculous. I really don’t know how we’ll all come together again after this.

Joshuaa: no one tells the truth anymore, it’s all lies and denies.

Jac: What pissed me off about Steph on the trip was her making jabs about Joshuaa’s mugshot. It just wasn’t cool.

Nina: Oh god what is her deal with you Joshuaa. That isn’t fair and she isn’t the one to be throwing jabs after last years rumors of her being a crooked lawyer. These sound like totally new people I’ve never meant before I can’t believe the switch.

Joshuaa: Tyler lost all sense of reality.

Nina: Maybe we can all sit down and get to the bottom of this. I want all my friends to be getting along.

Jac: Oh I forgot about Jerikas existence.

Joshuaa: eurgh no Nina nooooooo

Nina: Jerika can fuck off I hate that bitch… Joshuaa you cant turn you back on Tyler, you both have so much history together.

Joshuaa: Gurl shes hardly bothered with me anymore, ANYWAY… I’m having a glitter party! Come in glitter and have a fabulous night with me! Its’ for my birthday!

The ladies cheers to their strong friendship and focus on getting to the bottom of what has happened to the fractured group

City of Twitter
Joshuaa’s Interview

“I’m hosting this glitter party to celebrate my birthday, I invited all the ladies but know some wouldn’t show their faces. It’s my night and I won’t have anyone ruin it, but what do I know!”

Joshuaa, Jac, Tyler, Nina, Billie, Roxy
All the ladies enter the venue and greet each other at the VIP Booth.

Joshuaa: Thank you ladies for coming, much love to you all!

Nina: Joshuaa bitch where is your glitter at! *laughs*

Joshuaa: You can’t see these diamonds darling… *twirls*

Jac’s Interview

“I see that Roxy either missed the memo, read the memo but her early stages of dementia kicked in or couldn’t read the memo because of her poor eyesight. Either way where’s your glitter hoe?”

Tyler: Billie darling, we got the boobs on the MAX tonight, don’t we. *laughs*

Billie: Tyler girl you you know after our chat I had to step my game up.

Jac: *looks over at Roxy* Hi there nice to see you, again…

Roxy: *looks Jac up and down* How do you do? How was Paris?

Jac: I’m great. Yes it was unbelievable. Quite a few hiccups but people’s true intentions and characters were revealed so you know. *shrugs shoulders*

Roxy: In what way? How were things with my friends Jerika and Steph?

Billie: I am sorry to butt in you two, but Roxy tonight is not the night for drama…

Jac: Given that they are your friends you probably know that they are not great but I really don’t want to get into that tonight. We’re here wearing glitter to whoop it up with the gays. *laughs*

Nina: Roxy can I borrow Jac, I need her assistance in the bathroom.

Jac: Oh my god thank you from saving me from that delusional hag.

Joshuaa: *to Tyler* How are you we haven’t spoken. What has happened with our friendship?

Joshuaa’s Interview

“Me and Tyler have just drifted, it’s sad.” *shrugs*

Tyler: I’m making do. The store will be done soon. You’re of course invited when it happens. But I’ve been trying to stay busy. Toxicity isn’t for me right now not that that’s what you are. How’re things with you?

Joshuaa: Right okay, yeah thanks, glad you came.

Tyler: I’m glad to be here. I came for you honey. I don’t want negativity with you.

Joshuaa: Paris just didn’t seem good for us, especially the end. I guess that is for another time I guess.

Tyler’s Interview

“Try not to talk to much honey.” *rolls eyes*

Tyler: I don’t want to ruin your party with us hahsing things out, it is just not the place.

Joshuaa: Believe me I know that, and for that I love you.

Tyler: I love you as well darling…

Nina: *walks over to Joshuaa and Tyler* Why are we talking about this tonight ladies let’s have a good time and celebrate your birthday boo!

Billie: Listen I would like to say a couple of words for the celebration of Joshuaa’s birthday. Can we seriously not do this tonight, thanks.

Joshuaa: Yes Billie, go ahead!! *raises glass*

Billie: I would like to say Joshuaa we have came a long way in our frienship, with that being said I want to wish you nothing but success, love, and happiness going into the next year of your life. *Cheers*

As the ladies sip their drinks the camera pans over to Roxy and Tyler who are having their own conversation amongst themselves.

Roxy: Tyler, I am sorry, but I hate seeing you get attacked like this.

Tyler: Just calm down love. I don’t want to ruin Joshua’s night.

Nina: Billie bitch throw this girl a Xanax so she can calm the fuck down.

Billie: *snaps at Roxy* Bitch I’m talking to you. You’re miserable and I see it all over your face and you’re desperate for someone to love you but this is not the time nor the place to ruin my friends party.

Jac hears Billie in the background going off and puts head in hands

Joshuaa: Security can you take Roxy out please? If you can’t act like a lady then you can leave my party.

Roxy: *looks around* Does anyone here a ghost? Oh no that’s just that anorexic bitch Billie *laughs* YOU’RE ALL DISGUSTING, YOU’RE ALL BULLIES, YOU’RE ALL BAD FRIENDS.


Tyler has a brief conversation with Stephanie then goes and whispers in Roxy’s ear. The ladies are shown gathering their belongings and Tyler goes to say bye to the rest of the ladies as Roxy waits outdoors.

Tyler: Girls, I’m off. Happy Birthday Joshuaa, Love you honey. Bye Billie. Bye Nina. It’s been lovely seeing you. I have another event tonight, sorry!

As Tyler and Roxy make their exit we hear Roxy talking loudly saying about how much of a lame failed party it was as everyone overhears. The scene then cuts back to the remaining ladies as they continue to party it up.

Joshuaa: Can we talk about how my ‘best friend’ has just left to go to another event. What the hell.

Nina: Best friend? Who? Where? *laughs*

Jac: I am his new best friend bitches!

Joshuaa: Anywho who cares! Let’s have fun ladies!

Nina: We’re going to a gay club right?

Jac: I didn’t wear a short dress that cuts to my tities for us not to be around my gays.

Billie: I got my boobs on display for my gays.

Joshuaa: They’re stripping for us later ladies, don’t you girls worry!

Nina: Let’s finish this party off right with a couple patron shots!

ladies end the night taking shots, twerking, and dancing on table tops

The scene fades as the scene transitions to Tyler and Roxy in their car. We then see them exiting their vehicle and entering the Speakeasy joining Stephanie, Lauralie, and Jerika on their night out. The women all exchange hellos and pleasantries before sitting down and speaking.
Jerika, Lauralie, Tyler, Roxy, Stephanie

Tyler: Now where’s the party? This one was lit up tonight! *points to Roxy*

Roxy: Oh my god my girls! Thank Jesus Christ. Well, I wasn’t on my best behavior tonight…again.

Jerika: What happened?

Stephanie: Oh gosh, spill the tea.

Tyler: This girl was screaming for nearly the moment she came in at any and every one. *laughs*

Roxy: I mean, I tried to be cordial to Jac and ask about the trip, and she just started this condescending tone and started to basically call you both, Lauralie and Jerika, pieces of shit and then they were just being overall dicks to Tyler and I couldn’t take it. Jac tries to play cool, calm, and collected, but she is high key evil.

Jerika: Wow, she’s disgusting. Rozlyn everything you said about Jac is true. She has no idea how to run her business and is SO unprofessional.

Lauralie: Is Jac on something? I thought we were friends. I guess if I’m not friends with Joshua then I can’t be friends with her.

Stephanie: Jac is sober Lauralie and on nothing. She’s high on life and Tom.

Roxy: Ugh she is such a cunt and I just want to shove a burning dildo up her ass if you know what I’m saying! *laughs* So fill me in on Paris! I need the tea!

Jerika: Paris was fun, Jac and Joshuaa showed their true colours though. I’m done with both of them. Joshuaa just doesn’t like being called out and that’s exactly what Lauralie and I have done which is why he’s being this way.

“Shoving a burning dildo up someone? That’s disgusting. Just sleep with Roslyn and you will have the burning sensation. If you know what I mean.”

Lauralie: Well this is a downer. Talking about them while we should have fun.

Tyler: I’m over negative talk. I just wanna drink with friends.

Jerika: Let’s drink! *orders round of shots for everyone*

The night concludes as the women dance, drink, and enjoy each other’s company. We see shots of all of the women dancing together and having a great time as the screen fades to black.

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