S4 — E9: Get the Hell out of My Gala

(L to R): Lauralie, Joshuaa, Tyler, Jac, Stephanie, Jerika

The scene starts off with Jerika arriving first to the restaurant and being escorted to a table out on the patio. We then cut to Joshuaa walking into the place and telling the hostess who the reservation is under and right away he is too escorted back to the table where Jerika is shown sipping a glass of water.
Jerika, Joshuaa, Lauralie
Jerika’s Interview

“I am not happy with how things went the last time we were all together. As soon as Jac announced to everyone what Tyler told me, everyone flipped out and took sides. This is why I wanted to talk to Tyler and Joshuaa one on one but clearly Jac wanted to try and stir the pot and break the news first.”

Joshuaa: Hi!

Jerika: Hey honey, how have you been?

Joshuaa: Thank you for meeting with me. Yeah you know, I’m good I have to say I’m not happy with you to be honest…

Jerika: Look, I’m really sorry about what happened at your tea party. I have no idea why Jac randomly blurted out what Tyler said about you. I told Jac and Lauralie what Tyler said about you after Lauralie told us Tyler has been talking about all of us behind our backs.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“Twice now I’ve been told Tyler has said something negative and nasty towards me, so yeah I’m meeting up with Jerika to really see who is lying and who is really trying to hurt me.”

Joshuaa: Look forget that for a second do not come to my event and act the way you did. With that temper I won’t have it Jerika you slamming the table and screaming.

Jerika: Ok… I’m sorry. I was just upset! I felt gas-lighted by Tyler. Anyways, I want to tell you everything that happened so you know the full story.


Joshuaa: *rolls eyes* I mean fine go ahead…

Jerika: Tyler asked me to go to pick out fabrics with him a few months ago and he talked about you a LOT, and he made it seem like all the other ladies already knew about these rumors about you and then at your event he sat there and acted like we’ve never hung out? I couldn’t believe it!!!

Joshuaa: What rumors?

Jerika: Tyler told me you haven’t been sober and also your marriage was fake. He told me that everyone in the group knows but we kind of just like don’t talk about it, and he said people are scared to address it.

Joshuaa: Well that’s ridiculous you’re saying Tyler really said that?

Jerika: He did. Haven’t you noticed the way he’s been acting lately? He just seems so much more viscious and power hungry compared to before and I feel like he’s really insecure. He tries to cover it up by saying “darling” every other sentence but you know what, I’m not buying it anymore. *sips cocktail*

Joshuaa stands up and excuses himself to the restroom, as soon as he disappears from sight the camera pans over to the entrance and in walks Lauralie with an unknown male who’s face us blurred out on screen. Jerika’s mouth drops as she watches from a distance Lauralie and the gentleman have a seat at the bar then Lauralie makes her way over to the restroom saying hello to all the onlookers as she makes her way across the restaurant.

Joshuaa: *bumps into Lauralie* Oh hello… this is awkward…

Lauralie: Hi. *rolls eyes* What are you doing here?

Joshuaa: Having a lovely time without you dear, do not worry.

Jerika is shown eavesdropping on the conversation from outside the restroom door and just as she puts her ear against it Joshuaa swings it open.

Joshuaa: Wow so this is a set up. I’m going back to the table. *walks away*

Jerika: It’s not a setup. I was shocked to see her just walk in. Hey Lauralie! You look amazing. *hugs Lauralie*

Lauralie: I have no idea that I will meet you here.

Jerika: Me and Joshuaa were just discussing some things. Why don’t you come back to the table and join us?

Jerika and Lauralie comeback to the table.

Jerika: We were just discussing what happened at Joshuaa’s tea party and also what Tyler told me about Joshuaa. Do you believe he is trying to now act like he did not say anything?

Lauralie: Well, what happened? I wasn’t invited so I don’t know.

Joshuaa: That’s right you weren’t *leans over* and for good reason.

Lauralie: Thank you, I don’t think that I missed something important.

Jerika: Well, let’s just say now I know you were right about Tyler talking about us behind our backs…

Joshuaa: Being a gossip gets you nowhere in this town let me tell you

Lauralie: Who’s gossiping?

Joshuaa: You dear. Do you need hearing aids too?

Lauralie: Keep drinking and you will get another DUI.


Joshuaa: Listen bitch, I have no idea who the hell you think you’re talking to, but the next time you say some shit like that we’re gonna have a real problem!

As the ladies hurtle insults back and forth Jerika watches on like a tennis match. Lauralie then brings up the pot smoking incident in Aspen and Joshuaa tells her that Jac started it all so to bring it up with her. Joshuaa then starts yelling at Jerika for inviting her to Jerika’s defense Lauralie raises her voice and says Jerika had no idea she was coming here tonight on a date. Lauralie then starts calling Joshuaa a victim as Joshuaa gets out of his seat and leaves the restaurant.

City of Twitter
Stephanie, Tyler, Jerika, Joshuaa, Jac, Lauralie
The scene commences with the sound of Christmas bells jingling in the background as we transition to the interior of Stephanie’s Winter Wonderland themed holiday gala. We zoom in on the amazing décor of the event space that is being lit by the beautiful blue intimate lighting. We then see Tyler placing gifts on the seats of his table whilst the party is in full effect.
Abbott Winter Gala

Tyler: Wow Joshuaa, this place is gorgeous. Steph always does it right!

Joshuaa: Amazing! This is gorgeous *holds Tyler’s hand*

Jac: *walks in with Lauralie* Get ready girlie

Lauralie: I have seen better. *laughs* It’s mesmerically.

Tyler: Hello Mrs. Jac you look stunning *air kisses* Hi Lauralie.

Joshuaa: Erm what the hell Jac? *laughs*

Joshuaa’s Interview

“Trust Jac to make it all about herself.” *laughs*

Jac: Well there is a lot of drama so what better time for the ice queen to cool it down then tonight’s winter gala honey. *laughs*

Jerika: *approaches* Well hello everyone!

As the women begin to mingle amongst themselves discussing each other’s outfits, the amazing set up of Stephanie’s gala and all the partying they will be getting up to throughout the night the women finally notice Stephanie’s absence. We then see Stephanie making her grand entrance as she approaches the women in a long red gown that has cut outs around the stomach area showing off her body.

Stephanie: Hey ladies thank you all for coming.

Tyler: Steph darling! You look stunning!

Joshuaa: The gangs all here except Nina.

Jac: I just spoke with her! She’s spending the holidays out of town with Jerry.

Jerika: That’s good to hear, she definitely needs a break after the way she was acting the last time I saw her.

Tyler: I miss my girl Nina can’t wait for her to get back.

Tyler’s Interview

“I don’t want to argue with anyone at Steph’s lovely gala and that’s how I plan to keep things on my end tonight.”

Stephanie: Ladies, have a quick seat. Tyler, does my hair look okay?

Tyler: Gorgeous!! I love it.

Jac: Ladies, have you guys heard that Tyler and I are going into business together!

Tyler: Is it official enough for us to get a glass of Champagne Jac darling?

Lauralie: Working together?

The camera then pans away from the women to see Stephanie approaching the podium to make her welcome speech for the evening.

Stephanie: *at podium* I want to thank all of you for being here. I specifically want to thank Tyler Scott for this amazing dress. We are all here to raises money for the recent hurricane victims in Houston, Tx, Florida and Puerto Rico. We are working with lots of charities including Habitat for Humanity to build homes. So yes, tonight is about having a good time but also about raising money. So, drink, spend and have a wonderful evening. *laughing*

As the camera pans around the room as people applaud a shot of Oprah is shown at the front table clapping. Stephanie makes her way from the podium back to the table where the women are seated. Dramatic music play as the camera pans to the entrance and a familiar face and her new man are shown. She hands her gift to the coordinator then grabs a glass of champagne and makes her to the ladies.
Joshuaa’s Interview

“Who the hell let her in?”

Billie Reed

Billie: Ladies! Pick your faces up off the floor.

Tyler: Wow. Hello Billie longtime no see.

Jac: *hugs* BILLIE!!! AHHHHH!

Billie: It’s so great to be back around ladies!

Stephanie’s Interview

“Who would have thought Billie would show up tonight. I mean after Joshuaa fired him and he left town I thought this Gala would be an afterthought.”

Jac: *walks over to Joshuaa* Are you okay hun?

Joshuaa: Oh yes babe I’m fine.

Jerika: *watches Jac and Joshuaa* Billie, I can’t with those two.

Joshuaa: *taps Billie’s shoulder* Hi Billie nice to see you.

Billie: *turns* Joshuaa… You look great. So catch me up ladies I’ve missed so much these last few months.

Tyler: I’m investing in Jac’s company that’s big news I guess.

Jac: Yes ma’am! We’re going to be business partners…and lovers. *laughs*

Joshuaa: I bought us all this bottle of champs *pops it* Can I make a toast?

Stephanie: Sure Joshuaa, okay.

Joshuaa: Here is to being a fabulous Ladies of Twitter!

Jac’s Interview

“Now that was shady.”

Tyler: *looks to Jac* Here’s to the two of us having success as friends and business partners…and as you said lovers. *laughs*

Stephanie then excuses herself from the group to make another announcement at the podium. She gets everyone’s attention as everyone is mingling around the room with glasses of champagnes in hand. She gives a small speech about a dear friend of hers who just donated $500,000 dollars to the charities tonight and not only that but she will be preforming a song for everyone. The curtains draw back from behind Stephanie and Lady Gaga is shown sitting at her piano.
Lady Gaga

Billie: Joshuaa may I borrow you for a minute.

Joshuaa: Sure…

The two are shown walking out into the lobby.

Billie: Joshuaa. You know last time I saw you. It wasn’t great. I feel like I took away your feelings when I should’ve really acknowledged them. I want us to start completely over. I want you to see the new Billie Reed.

Whilst Billie and Joshuaa are off in the lobby talking we see the other women intensely watching to see how the face off goes. Jac slowly makes her way closer towards them to eavesdrop but not too close to seem suspicious.

Joshuaa: Who is the new Billie reed? Because I want to be able to know the Billie I knew before she arrived on Twitter. The one that was a good friend.

Jac: *to the ladies* Did I just hear Joshuaa say who is Billie Reed in this world?

Billie: Listen I know I messed up with you extremely bad. I don’t expect you to forget but I would like for you to see the new Billie Reed and if you decide you don’t like the new Billie then you can just tell me. But I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart for how I did you last year. I have had time to reflect on it and I’m taking ownership on how I did you and how you did me. You just retaliated because I hurt you.

Joshuaa: Wow *tears up* FINALLY Billie got her breakthrough. Enough with the bullshit let’s enjoy this evening.

Lauralie: *approaches Joshuaa* Joshuaa, can we talk?

Joshuaa: *laughs* One bitch down another to go… I’m kidding can a girl get a drink first?

Lauralie: No.

Joshuaa: Erm okay… *shakes head* what’s up Lauralie?

Dramatic music can be heard in the background.

Lauralie: I want to move on, Joshua. Seriously I don’t want to talk about you when you’re not around and I don’t want you talk about me.

Joshuaa: I don’t talk about you when you’re not around…


Lauralie: Well…

Joshuaa: You run your mouth about me when you don’t know me.

Lauralie: Jac said that you were talking about me.

Joshuaa: Well Jac says a lot of things.

Jac hears her name and at the drop of a pin she is right in the mix with Joshuaa and Lauralie out in the lobby. The others are shown mingling with one another and some other ladies they know in town.

Jac: Hold up hold up! Jac said the women were talking about you… She did not specify just to clarify.

Joshuaa: *to Lauralie* You’re a bit crazy honey.

Lauralie: I’m not crazy. Get that right.

Joshuaa: I think you just need to relax you know have a wine and chill. I’m not here to take more ridiculous words from you so let’s just be nice and greet each other and let it be that. That’s what I want.

The dramatic music intensifies as Lauralie reaches into her bag and pulls out a box of laxatives from her purse.

Lauralie: You know what? I’m really trying with you, but you don’t want to finish this stupid feud. I had enough…. Take this… You will need this more to release all the toxic shit inside of you. *throws box and walks towards exit*

Jac: *mouth drops* OH MY GOD! This bitch threw a box of laxatives at her.

Jerika: *approaches* Last time we were all together Joshuaa, didn’t you say that Jac is snorting lines and shooting up? Like, are you really going to say you don’t talk about others behind their back?


Jac: Wait, what?

Stephanie: Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! I’d like to end on a good note the people of Twitter are watching. *looks around and smiles*

Joshuaa: *mouth open* You’re a god damn liar!

Jac: *walks away to exit* These fucking bitches will always find a new low!

As Jac makes her way to the exit with Tom in hand she can be heard referring to the women as the c word. Guests of the gala are looking on in shock at the spectacle being caused by Stephanie’s friends. Joshuaa is seen telling Jerika that he sees her for exactly what she is. We transition outside to the interior of a limo where we see Lauralie seated waiting for Jerika who is leaving the party after his blow up with Joshuaa. Stephanie is then seen yelling at all the women.


Stephanie’s Interview

“This is the last damn time I put my reputation on the line for these ladies to attend an upscale event. A few of them haven’t attended something nice since their high school prom. Thus explains their lack of maturity.”

Inside the limo with Jerika and Lauralie.

Jerika: It’s okay, I’m not worried. The truth will come out eventually, and if it doesn’t, I’ll just wreck her life with my magazine. *sips wine*

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