The Silent Watchmen

Spring comes around and brings me to life. Watching the souls run past me. The forest filled with life so sweet. The scampering of the woodland creatures. The feel of them on my skin. It brings me joy to see their souls smile.

Fall comes around and the world begins to shift. My many hands begin to shed. The forest grows quiet with anticipation for the impending winter. But still I stand tall watching over my domain.

Winter comes around and all is quite. I stand a towering monster looking over the pale white, desolate land that is forever my home. I smile knowing all is safe…

The ground shakes and the air rumbles. Fear strikes the hearts of the creatures. I watch stuck rooted in spot, as the ugly metal ones tears down my land… piece… by … piece… root …by…root. My heart breaks as I watch my domain crumble…

…I stand a towering monster in a foreign land, watching the two-legs walk by. The sounds of screeching as the metal ones zoom down their man made paths. I sway in the wind, stuck under the cold, hard grayness of the ground. I jump when a familiar patter of the creature comes across my soil, but fall when I realize it is nothing more than a tamed one.

Spring comes around and I wilt in the sun. Longing for the familiar forest. Stuck within the city ground. Hating the imprisonment of this new world.

The old soul.

The Silent Watchmen.

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