Earl of Derby: Sorry you lost.

Richard 3: You switched sides. That didn’t help.

Derby: Sorry.

Richard: I thought you liked me.

Derby: I do.

Richard: I thought you agreed with me.

Derby: I do.

Richard: Do you like Henry Tudor?

Derby: No. Can’t stand him.

Richard: Do you agree with him?

Derby: Not really.

Richard: But you supported him?

Derby: With a heavy heart.

Richard: Right.

Derby: It made me sad.

Richard: Right.

Derby: But I didn’t believe you could win.

Richard: Why?

Derby: Henry Tudor said so.

Richard: Right.

Derby: He said the country would split if you won. He said he’s a safe pair of hands. He said he was Welsh.

Richard: Well he won. You won. Be happy.

Derby: I didn’t want to betray you. I agonised. I was scared we’d end up with someone even worse. I compromised. You have to compromise in politics, don’t you?

Richard: Well you’ve got the Tudors now. Henry and his descendants. What’s the worst that can happen?

Derby: I’m sorry. The time wasn’t right. Maybe we’ll get another chance. Who knows? Where are you going?

Richard: To be buried in a car park for 600 years.

Derby: Sorry.