This is an interesting pointer, however it doesnt work for names with more than 2 words.
Kwok Leong Lok

The name field(s) in forms has been something that interests me for a while now. If you design your form to consist of only ‘first name’ and ‘last name’, that doesn’t account for people around the world who have names that don’t follow that structure. If you design your form to consist of only a single ‘name’ field, and you attempt to divide up the names later, automatically in the back-end of your app, you run the risk of not dividing the name properly for whatever use case (for example, you want to send a user an email that has a welcome message starting with ‘Mr. Peabody’…) how do you structure that?

It’s certainly an interesting and pretty relevant UI issue that I see a lot of apps and sites struggle with.