Viewing Autism research as an investment
Joe Breslin

I’ve quickly glimpsed at your article….and I’m sorry to say that I’m disappointed in how you view Autistic Spectrum DIFForders as a problem rather than a different flavor of human being. Not everyone on the spectrum is incontinent, and even if we are “incontinent,” we learn how to use toilets just like everyone else, though it might take us a lot longer than the neurotypical person. Yes, I used the word “us” — I have Asperger’s, which, under DSM-V, is no longer used to diagnose people with ASDs, though I do not need to get the new diagnosis of “autism”. And I need to ask: WHYYYYYYYYYYY must we search for a way to be *rid of* ASDs, rather than figure out ways to support people who are already autistic here on Earth, living as best as they can while neurotypical (NT, as in, without autism) people either are “for” or “against” our existence? I get it: we’re not made for this world, but do we *have* to be in order to be considered successful, independent, thriving, or even /human/??? Yes, America’s “leading non-profit organization on Autism” wants to “cure” Autism; there’s nothing to cure, there’s only our DNA, which they’re combing through as much as possible in order to identify “markers” that can indicate whether a child will be born with ASDs or not, leading to a eugenics program that terminates “unwanted autistic pregnancies” before that person even has a chance to contribute to society and exceed expectations!!!!!

I suggest you look up nonspeakingautisticspeaking, a blog written by someone non-verbal on the Autism Spectrum that gives an inside view of life on the Spectrum. Another great article can be found here:, written by a sibling of someone with Autism, along with her autistic sister. See it from our perspective, perhaps; maybe you don’t have to keep stating that we’re “lacking empathy” or whatever, especially when you realize that pushing for a “cure” not only lands you in the crosshairs of my “i-hate-you-neuro-nazis” glare and advocacy efforts, but also garners little sympathy and respect from the rest of the Autism community. (might i add that this concept of “curing” autism is also a neurotypical concept? )

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Acceptance is the only ethical cure we want.