7 reasons CDC employees should be “crying in the hallways”
J.B. Handley, Jr.

The fact that there are people who don’t fully understand science and reasoning, but act like they do — and apply their logic to conspiracy theories rather than objective verifiable fact, while still insisting that members of the population I’m part of are really all just the Toxic Avengers is utterly ridiculous.

I get it: parents are scared and unsure of what it means to have an autistic child. To have these parents, people who are supposed to be their children’s allies, insist that something is wrong despite all the evidence to the contrary is worrisome. First and foremost, the CDC is in charge of documenting and combating disease; in fact, it was first founded to combat malaria after WWII. Now it studies disease and anticipates how it might spread.

However, it is not in charge of setting forth the rules for vaccine safety; the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in charge of it. And yes, there is a panel of experts — but Big Pharma cannot control the CDC or FDA! These guys set the rules that make sure that your children (and yourself and your other family members) aren’t harmed.

Also, yeah…..Big Pharma is making a profit — they should! They’re the ones taking all the risk in making something that will help so many people!

And don’t insist that I’m some “Big Pharma shill” or that I “don’t understand what the parents are going through”. Seriously? What the parents are going through? What about what I’m going through as an autistic woman in a neurotypical society trying to educate people?! (full disclosure: yes that is my blog.) Of course I want to help parents, but not have the situation be like, “woe is me, for my child is not what I want”.

I do care. I do want to help. But conspiracy theories (and supporting the crackpots who believe them, such as you-know-who) are not the way to go.

Instead, it’s empathy — something people claim we lack. Just look at it from our perspective and know….we’re not diseased; we’re your family and friends, and we need your help and understanding.