5 Reasons not to miss Nile Cruise in your Egypt Tour

If you are looking for a new extraordinary destination for your next vacation, you are definitely on right page. You must be thinking to yourself “Why Egypt?”, but the better question is: “Why not Egypt?”

Egypt is a wonderful place, it has Pharaonic history, underwater cities, never sleeping night life, & locals that will be your friends forever.

An Egypt Tour is the right choice for the upcoming holidays. Now let’s get to the next question, “What should I do in my Egypt Tour?”

We are the experts when it comes to Egypt Tours, and we 100% recommend → Nile Cruises.

Here are 5 Reasons why you shouldn’t Miss Nile Cruises on Your Egypt Tour:
  1. Floating Luxurious Hotel
    Nile Cruises offer all the facilities that other 4 or 5-star hotels would have. A Nile Cruise can have relaxing, royal-like cabins and suits, they also have bars, restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, and exquisite spa treatment. The rooms have a breathtaking view through panoramic windows and balconies where you get to experience luxury and comfort over the green riversides.
  2. New Destination Every Day: Thinking you might get bored? Well you’ll never feel that during your Nile Cruise. You’ll wake up every morning to a completely different view and different city, town, or even a village. You’ll get to meet friendly locals from different backgrounds and you’ll get to see the ancient monuments as well. The duration of the Nile Cruise will define the number of sights you’ll see, it can be 4 days long or even 15 days long. The short Nile cruises are usually between Aswan and Luxor, while longer Nile Cruises set sail from Cairo itself, the beautiful capital of Egypt.
  3. Multiplicity of Sights: On your Egypt Tour you will explore the great magnificent cities of Egypt and thousands year-old temples. Through the Nile Cruise, you’ll get to discover more sites than those of the on-land tours. Not only ancient sites, but also you’ll enjoy wonderful shows, Egyptian-themed parties, such as Galabeya Party, all on your cruise ship.
  4. Unpack Just Once
    Pack, Unpack, Pack, Unpack.. Hectic, isn’t it? Problem solved! If you’re on a Nile Cruise, you’ll have to unpack just ONCE. It is pretty difficult to keep carrying your belonging on your travel route from the plan to an hotel to another hotel to a train to a site to another. Who would wanna have that? On the Cruise, you do not travel the hotel, the hotel travels to you.
  5. An Intimate Experience:
    Nile Cruises are made especially to be a cozy intimate experience for its passengers. The cruises are not large boats, they have an average of 80 to 120 cabins. Of course they’re not all occupied the whole time, so easily you’ll be able to find the perfect spot on the sundeck where you can enjoy a drink or arrange a romantic star-lit dinner.
After all, if your Egypt Tour does not have an exceptional experience, this Tour is not complete, you have to get on a Nile Cruise to make your experience fully incomparable. And who could be better than Lady Egypt Tours in arranging your wonderful Egypt Tour and premium Nile Cruise? We cannot wait to make your dream Egypt vacation come true.
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