How To Solve The Biggest Problem With Deaf-Musician

Guide to all music industry worker who deal with deaf-musician like me

My musician friends often ask me to do things I simply can’t do. They throw tough concepts or questions at me in meetings, often in front of fellow musician. Or they will ask me to come over their place, just to hangout and chat. I understand that people typically want to make conversation throughout their daily life, but as these friends of mine know, I’m deaf. I don’t understand what you people are talking about! Please don’t force me to have small talk with you.

It’s not easy facing life as a deaf person, who should be socially accepted...

The only solution is to grab your damned note paper and pen, or handheld phone, and write or type your words there. I will, for sure, be happy to read it anytime.

The second solution is learning sign language. If you feel it may be difficult to learn, start by learning sign language alphabet, rest assured, I will soon be uploading a video tutorial, offering some helpful practice tips! ;)

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