Some say newsletters are boring. I mean down right dreadful. Self-centered, at the least. I heard they’re not popular because they don’t bring anything to the table for the reader.

But, I did one anyway.

For six months I thought of an inbox plan suitable for those who joined my mailing list. Part of my research consisted of me becoming a subscriber myself. Of course, I choose blogs I love. Although I have to admit, some of their newsletters lack the same impact on me. I don’t want to feel like every time I receive a newsletter, e-letter, or “whateva” you want to call it. It’s some kind of sales pitch.

Eventually, I started to find some newsletters that had potential. I had to dig deep into the Google world to find them. But they do exist. And they inspired me. They gave me a list of things I should read, videos to watch and updates on what they’ve been up to. I liked this idea, so I ran with it. I started to create my own version of a newsletter.

I decided to talk to my subscribers like I would my friends. Starting off with a quote that inspires me. Then, I gave a run-down of things I wrote, read, and discovered for the month. The things I discovered were opportunities and or events for creative people. Like, the five dollar photography class I found in Brooklyn. Then, I ended the newsletter on a personal note.

As soon as I pressed SEND, I got an alert from twitter. One of my subscribers tweeted her followers, about joining my newsletter. Then moments later I got a response in my inbox, the reader said, the newsletter was a “pleasant read.” Honored. Amazed. And excited. I didn’t come off self-centered and boring. Or, just another writer trying to push out content for numbers.

The plan is to continue my monthly notes. At the end of every month, I will attempt to write “Notes Worth Taking.” To give my readers a little something more, that they can’t get on the blog.

If you’re not into newsletters, I get it. There’s a few I need to unsubscribe to, too. However, sign up to mine. Check it out. If you don’t like it, no hard feelings when you unsubscribe. But, if you like it, well then we both win. Plus, I am open for suggestions to make it better. You can send your thoughts to

Iris Kirkland is a writer based out of New York; who believes she can create a better life with her words. Or, at least, start intriguing conversations. When the Hunter College Alumna is not blogging personal musings on life, at She’s writing “NOTES WORTH TAKING” a monthly newsletter, for the creative. You can find her everywhere @ladyiwrites.