Dear Lesbians and Gays — I’m Bisexual and You Treated Me Like Crap
Beth Sherouse, Ph.D.

THANK YOU. Really, for speaking my experience as a Bi person. Some of your experiences were so similar to mine, I cried. I was the only Bi person in my GSA in high school. When I joined LIGALY (Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth.) I felt very much alone. There were few Bi affirming places to go to. And there were youth who treated me like less than because of my oreintation. Like they were just waiting for me to announce I was a Lesbian. Plus, the title of the program always bothered me as it isn’t inclusive. I even asked when I called to join if they accepted Bi’s. I was’t sure, given their title. Anyway, fantastic article. Truly, very powerful.

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