How to become a credible, employable digital marketer in three fun months

Have you ever been in the situation where you started off loving your job (like really, really loving it) and then eventually hating it (like really, really hating it). That’s been my story. My job started off on a great upward projection, but then I hit a ceiling where there was no way for me to grow my role or salary. I felt stuck and increasingly despondent. ‘Just change your job,’ they said (as if changing your job were as easy as changing your underwear). But I didn’t want to go to just any other job, in fact I didn’t want to be employed again. I wanted to start my own business, but felt I needed to upskill myself before I could take that leap. ‘Do a course, study something new,’ they said. But how could I find the time to study while working full time, being a single mom to an 11 year old boy, being someone’s girlfriend and someone’s daughter and these people all want, need and apparently deserve my attention?

How would I manage to find time to exercise (which is very important to me) and socialise (important to my mental health) and how could I possibly AFFORD it (refer back to stunted salary mentioned earlier)??

Then, when I was at a particularly low point of hopelessness, my boyfriend told me about Udacity’s online Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program (DMNP). It was as if the Udacity people had managed to get inside my head and see and understand all my hopes and fears and then carefully craft their course to address each and every one of them. The DMNP is for people seeking a career in digital marketing (either working for a company or running your own digital marketing business), who need an accessible and credible online digital marketing course that offers a 360 degree understanding of digital marketing with a full-immersion, full-feature learning experience in 3 short months. The course also provides students with real-world projects, reviewed by industry experts, PLUS access to hiring partners. With contributing companies like Facebook and Google AND it being affordable, it almost seemed too good to be true.

I started the course a few weeks ago and I can’t believe how interesting and interactive they’ve made it. It doesn’t feel like I’m studying at all, yet I’m gaining so much valuable information and skills with each passing minute. And they’ve condensed it so well, totally eliminating the need to sift through reels of information to seek out the important bits. All you have to do is understand and apply what they give you. Since starting the course I’ve handed in notice of my resignation to my employer and will be helping my boyfriend with the digital marketing of his businesses until I’m ready to take on other clients and build my own business from there. Problem solved — thanks Udacity! Please ‘like’ if the course is of potential interest to you. All comments welcome too :)

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