20 Questions with Charlie Rose

by Jaye McBride

  1. Do you mind if I continue this interview in the nude?
  2. If you’re camping in the woods and find out that someone groped you while you were asleep, do you tell anyone?
  3. Follow up question- would you like to go camping?
  4. How old is too old to be a sexy man?
  5. If I asked you out on a date repeatedly, would you go to our boss?
  6. Follow up- Want to go on a date?
  7. Follow up- Why not?
  8. Follow up- What if I put my pants back on, then would you go on a date with me?
  9. Follow up- Why not?
  10. If your blouse was on fire in the breast region, wouldn’t I be a gentlemen if I tried to pat it down to put out the fire?
  11. Follow up- Would you like to practice a drill I call ‘Oh no, my blouse and pants are on fire!’?
  12. Do you like to swim in the nude?
  13. If I told you this was my real hair, would you be impressed? It is.
  14. How many pushups do you think I could do? Whatever you think, it’s more.
  15. Would you like to see my Peabody award?
  16. Did I tell you that I named my penis ‘my Peabody award’?
  17. I also call my penis ‘little Charlie’ and when I saw you, little Charlie (ahem) rose. Know what I mean?
  18. Did you know that people used to say I looked like Roger Moore?
  19. How do you feel about a man with dentures?
  20. Can I keep asking you inappropriate questions?